December 19, 2005

Attention! Attention!

A has been quite the main attraction in Korea. It's the blonde curls we think. Wherever we go they want to touch her, take her picture, talk to her, etc. She pretty much gives them the cold shoulder (sometimes it's literal as she turns away and buries her face). She has even on one occasion played possum, pretending to be asleep in her stroller, peeking through half closed eyes to see if the coast is clear yet. We have tried working on her manners, but well... she is 2, and for those of you with 2-year-old experience, you can guess how that is going. Here is a picture of what things were like when we took her to a fish market. The nick name that day for her was "little doll" (Can't remember the Korean word for it right now).


Mel said...

Hello, Kelly! I was glad to get your Christmas card today, and just had to hop on over to your blog. I can't find an email address anywhere, so drop me a line when you get a minute. I'm giving you my "safe" address -- you can have the "real" one later! So good to hear from you!

Mel said...

Eileen said...

I was so happy to get your Christmas card! I wondered if you were all still among the living there in Korea! I'll mail you our card tommorrow. Check out our new family website- to see pictures. I'm sure your kids are celebrities there! Those darn papparazzi! Just imagine that you and Troy are Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. Merry Christmas, Love, Eileen