November 25, 2006

See the pregant belly?

T thinks this sweater makes you focus on my stomache. I can't see what he means... (ha). I think the tummy sticks out no matter what, so why not embrace it? People do make more pregnancy comments to me when I wear it though. He could be right. Anyways this was us a week or so ago.

The final countdown

Kelly here,
I am getting so pregnant and uncomfortable that I just have to complain and remind myself not to do this again. I am now 35 weeks and every move is a chore. To sleep is a pain, to eat is a pain (heartburn to follow), bending over, climbing stairs, wearing socks around swollen ankles, lifting 3 year olds-it's all a pain! A couple of my close friends here are newly pregnant and I say to them "that's such great news! Congratulations!" But what I am thinking is "run away!"

On the positive side I only have a month or so before I will get to meet that new spirit waiting to come down and be a part of our crazy family. There is a lot of talk and excitment surrounding the subject at this point, and I can't help but remember the overwhelming experience it has been for me in the past to bring a newborn home. They don't do much, but bring such a great peace and happiness with them that is felt by all. I know this child was meant to be in our family! T is certain it's a boy. He thought that with A too. Some of our names are Camille or Camilla, Eliza or Olivia. Boy's names are Maxwell, Sean, Seth, or Elijah. We shall see! I will look for a decent pregnant picture of me to post. I am really sticking out there!

That's all...

November 12, 2006


Pics of A going through different emotions.