September 09, 2006


(We lived in Korea when I wrote this)

I just got back from my ultrasound appointment and everything looked good with the baby. It was kinda funny, at the end of the appointment a rather somber doctor brought us in and informed us that "we failed to find anything wrong with your baby." We thought he sounded let down by the good news. They counted all five fingers on both hands. A first for me during an ultrasound. At first the technician couldn't find the 2nd thumb but he persevered until he found it (folded over inside the fingers at first). He was showing us the face and pointed out that there was no cleft "rip." He said "see here is eyes, nose and rips" We were like- hey I thought you said no cleft lip/rip?!? We weren't really fooled by the pronunciation problem- just amused. Some other very fine news is that the results of the triple screen test came back with all favorable results. So we were very pleased to hear about that as well!

19 more weeks to go!

PS This is not a picture of my baby- it's just an example : )

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