April 14, 2015

Spring Break

We had a wonderful Spring Break.  The only thing that would have made it better is if we had this week's weather last week : (

We had T's parents in town which was a rare treat.  We celebrated Easter with them and that was very fun.
DC Temple on Conference Sunday

Easter Carrot Cake.  Still eating this out of the freezer over a week later.

Spring has sprung!
We went to Virginia Beach (our old vacation spot!) and had a very good time.  A new place was build to replace the one that closed down.  This one was even closer to the ocean... Score! We flew a kite, went to the movies, ate marvelous pizza, hung out and played games indoors, went swimming at an indoor pool.  We made do with the bad weather.  Unfortunately we skipped out on the amusement park due to chilly weather and not much time to enjoy the day by the time we dealt with slow waffle house service and traffic.  Big Girl was the most disappointed.  We will go back in August and do it for sure.
My feet and Big Girls feet.  Hers look like she's having more fun.

Windy cold fun at VA Beach

Swim Day

On the way home we stopped at the cherry blossoms on the Tidal Basin.  Cold but fun once again.  I always love doing that.

Cheesy Grin from T

A Selfie of... myself
A less happy shot of Little Boy... (who is no longer little)
We are getting anxious to hear where Evan will be serving his mission.  He met with his Bishop on Sunday and will be submitting his paperwork with the Stake President soon.  The big question will be where he will be when the call comes.  In Utah still at school or here for his ear surgery.  He will have them send the mission call to us here and we will forward it to him if he's still in Utah.  I secretly hope it's here.  I want to be with him when he opens it.  Selfish of me.  I suppose whatever will be will be.
My Handsome pre missionary son.  With a bad haircut from a friend.

A funny thing was said yesterday that bares recording.  Little Girl said that when she gets to college she wants to study art.  No surprise there.  She loves to draw and is especially good at anime style cartoon people.  She has a dear friend in the area named Lucy and the two of them recently decided to go to college together to study art.  After some reflection the other day she said to me "I'm afraid Lucy might distract me from my work in art college"  A very mature concern I must say.  I also fear she has overheard one too many conversations about her older sibling's first year in college : (  There certainly are a lot of distractions out there.

At the moment I have piles of laundry and an empty fridge awaiting me... she should know that distractions are a life time trial.  Whelp... Better get to it!