August 23, 2008

My Poor Blog

So I have been terribly neglectful in posting entries on the blog lately. Moving is hard work and I've let it slide so long that it seems there is nothing to say. When in actuality life has been rolling along at a swift pace. Perhaps to catch up, I will make a list of happenings instead of going into details. Perhaps that will help me to get back onto the blogging horse.

1-The house is lovely. We are so grateful for it! Things are fitting nicely. We were worried about having enough storage, but thanks to my purging before and organization skills after, everything is working out. We just can't buy any more Christmas decorations... No place to put them.
2-Big Boy has shown tremendous courage and tried out for the high school soccer team. They are a superior team and have had some state championships lately. The coach is our neighbor-yes I made him snickerdoodles. The bar was raised pretty high when we saw that they expect the players to do 75 sit-ups and 75 push-ups in 90 seconds (each). Sheesh! He has wisely made the choice (after two days of torture), to join up with the cross country kids. He has found how much he enjoys running, has made some nice friends before school even starts, and we are very proud of him. Maybe he'll go for soccer next year.
3-Middle Boy went to Middle School orientation today and made 3 friends (he even got numbers). He isn't a very happy camper until he's made some good friends and it was nice to see a smile on his face as he exited the building today acting like a goof-ball.
4-Little Boy was forced into swim lessons this year in hopes of perfecting some of his strokes and his teacher had him move on to butterfly and breast stroke. Look out Michael Phelps!!
5-Big Girl is VERY ready for school to start. And I think my ears can use a break.
7-Little Girl is picking up a larger vocabulary saying things like "hey-who do it!?" and "ha ha" in a mocking way. (She's 18 months) Her verbal skills must not be far behind her big sisters.
8-T is frustrated at work. The army doesn't do things like University of Iowa, and he is wishing he were back there. The commute can be bad for him sometimes as well. Sigh!
9-Kelly is busy with primary (again). I seem to always get called there. I am 2nd counselor now. It isn't overwhelming this time at all. Although I may speak prematurely since I have to write the primary program this next week. School starting will help me with that task for sure.
10-that is all for now!

August 11, 2008

News from Olney

That's our new city- Olney. We've been pronouncing it like the word Only. But yesterday from the pulpit in sacrament meeting it was pronounced "All-knee" So since we are good LDS people and it was said this way from the pulpit we must correct our ways. We are finally all moved in although there are still some issues with things that need to go on the walls (anchors being needed to hang the tricky stuff, and my indecision on the rest). The piano came yesterday (we didn't trust the army to move it). It felt good to have it delivered in one piece. He even gave a tutorial on how to fix a spot that was damaged by the dog flinging her hard bone at it just before the move. He kept going on about how well the thing was built. He has been moving pianos for over 10 years and has never seen a black upright yamaha that was so well put together. That comment made Troy tremble with joy. That man likes good quality.

One interesting opener to the neighborhood was a man in a tank came over to say hello with his active 6 year old girl who he mentioned several times loved play-dates. After chatting for a while and getting all the details on us, the light dimming, he left. We looked down to see that his large lab left a very large poop on our driveway (which he didn't see apparently because he left it there), but he did make sure to get our phone number so that his daughter could come over to be watched by me. Oh I mean have a 'play date'


So as not to end on a negative note, I will say that overall the neighbors are great, the house is nice and we like the ward. We are two weeks away from school starting so that will be our next big hurtle! We have been blessed!!!