March 24, 2015

A Yearly Update : )

Hello Blog!
How about an update on the goings on around here?  We are at a pretty sweet stage in life.  With two son's out of the nest and three kids who are pretty easy left at home it feels nice.  I miss the older ones but going from 5 to 3 in a relatively short period of time makes a huge difference.  We are still busy but it's pretty manageable.  Having girls who usually like to help me makes it even sweeter.

So here's what my crew are all up to these days:

Big Boy is serving his mission in Brazil and has only until July 28th left!  We just heard the official date yesterday from him.  It's earlier than I had thought so now I'm happily processing this information.  He is loving his time there despite the hard times.  He has grown so much as a person it's almost unbelievable!  His influence on his brother Middle Boy has been incredible.  The two of them have had a relationship that has been somewhat competitive in the past, but now it has been so sweet to see him reach out and encourage his brother for good.  What a great person!
Big Boy in Brazil Spring 2015
Middle Boy is making a come back this semester!  His first one was rough, but he's really proving himself this time around.  He is in Logan at Utah State.  He really likes it.  I am super proud of him for getting back on the horse and learning from mistakes.  College is harder than it looks in the pamphlets.  He s also taking the Aggie by the horns by filling out his mission papers on his own.  This is a huge answer to our prayers.  He plans to submit his papers this coming week and we should know in a few weeks (or so) where that kid will be heading for his next two years.  Fasting and prayer do work people! I really love this young man.
Skyping with Middle Boy
Little Boy is not so little anymore.  He's about passed his Father in height.  But My husband will not admit this openly.  He is a star student and runs XC and track.  Yesterday he ran 10 miles after school.  He was bushed!  He recently completed his eagle project.  He did a blanket making/sleeping bag/school supply drive for a camp for underprivileged kids effected by drug abuse in the home.  He keeps busy with violin and school and running and that keeps him happy.  Sometimes stressed but mostly happy.  Yesterday I felt for him so I spent about an hour organizing his room for him.  He's stretched pretty thin lately and honestly when I do this every once in a while it makes us both feel better.  I hate messes.  He hates nagging.  It's a win win.  I found several items that were unopened from his Christmas stocking(s) that he had no idea he had because his room was such a mess.  I even unearthed two brand new shirts!  He had just been telling me he was growing out of shirts the other day.  Hello!?  If this is my biggest problem with him I know how lucky I am.  Believe me... I know.  He's a gem.
Making the final delivery for his eagle project
Big Girl is blossoming into a young woman.  It's sad to see her childhood leaving our sights.  But she is still a delight.  She's into fashion and friends.  She loves her newly decorated room that she inherited when Middle Boy left for college.  She works hard in school and at the violin and piano.  She really wants a cell phone but we are holding off on that for now.  I think I may have bribed her to keep playing piano for a few more years at the end of which time she'll get a phone...  Tricky?  Maybe.  She turned 12 in February and enter Young Women's at church.  She's thrilled with this and looks up to many good girls there.  Her younger sister is still her best friend.  She is not without the struggles that come with growing up.  I'm glad I get a front row seat to watch.
Sweet rolls made by a sweetie
Little Girl is fantastic.  She is funny and smart and enjoying reading Harry Potter for the first time on her own.  She was baptized in January.  What a great way to start off our year.  She enjoys piano (most of the time).  She loves spending her money.  Every time she gets her allowance she wants to buy another set of earrings for herself.  She got her ears pierced in November and often tells me how long she has until she can wear dangly earrings.  She's organized and wants to be a teacher.  The playroom is her classroom (the same location as her predecessor's: teacher Audrey).  One addition she has added is separate hand sanitizer for boys and girls.  When I asked her about it she told me it's also the 'pass' for them to put on their desk so the teacher knows they are in the bathroom.  Then when they return, they use the sanitizer and replace it to it's spot.  I think that is an revolutionary and germ-free idea! This teacher is well loved by her family.
On a hike in Utah last Summer.  
I feel like I am writing a yearly Christmas letter here.  At least it will be fun for me to read back on even if it is a bit long for the blog.

T and I are good.  We both just got over horrible head colds. We are both looking forward to Spring when we celebrate our 23rd anniversary!  This year it's a chocolate walking tour in Georgetown and an over night stay in the city.  Sounds good eh?  It will be ; )  I planned it.

Overall I am very happy with my life.  The plantar fasciitis hasn't got me completely down.  I've discovered I love yoga.  I may go back to work if I can screw up the courage this year.  Having college-aged kids going on missions, and kids at home with music lessons and braces is pricey!  However I seem to keep pretty busy with what I currently have going on.  I love being there to volunteer and be home when kids get home. I spend a lot of time wondering about our future when T leaves his current job in five years.  Where will we be next?  I search real-estate online to help me determine the answer.  The best wrap around porch home wins!

That's all for now!