May 13, 2014

Busy Life!

Each year at this time I am reminded of how much I like Spring.  Everything is blooming and beautiful and the weather is lovely.  It is also the time of year that activities at school seem to be all happening at once!  It gets so crazy that you are longing for lazy days of Summer to kick in.  I compare it in my head to the last stages of pregnancy, where you will do anything to have that baby out and screaming at night to be fed, just to not have to be pregnant any longer.  

We had the school science fair where we tested our hamster's speed in a large cardboard maze.  That took some doing and at times had me wishing we had opted out since it was, after all, optional.  Then there came the school's variety show performance where both of my girls participated.  There was costume making, and drama, and lots of clear packing tape, and all that goes along with a big performance.  The end pay off was big though. So although I'm glad it's over, it was worth it.

My Happy Girl back stage before her "Glow Bots" routine

My performers after the show was over- whew!

My red head on the far left... workin' it
We had violin concerts and track meets and soccer games this Spring.  Put a visitor in there while all of this is going on and it gets even crazier.  It was fun to have my sister here helping me do all the stuff I do daily.  She made dinners and watched kids overnight and we had fun seeing the DC sights.  
My sister Dawn in front of a piece of the Berlin Wall at the Newseum

My life is just nuts.  No wonder I never blog anymore.  Too busy!  Oh I just remembered we also went on a fun trip to Palmyra NY and Niagra falls this spring.  Maybe I will tackle that in another post.  It was super fun!  We rented an RV.

Wandering through the Sacred Grove in Palmyra NY, not looking busy at all!

On the horizon I have an end of the year track banquet, a slide show to put together for the 5th grade recognition ceremony.  Then there is graduation for Middle Boy and hopefully an eagle court of honor just after that.  Fingers crossed!  At least the yard looks fantastic after the hired crew came and mulched yesterday.  My goal is to have the court of honor/graduation party back there before the weeds come back.  Wish me luck. I also need a new area rug for the porch.  It looks horrible right now.  Throw in soccer season for Audrey (we are just entering the finals), music lessons x3 and ortho visits x2.  Middle Boy gets his braces off just as Little Boy gets his second set on.  Good times!

Then there is my missionary in Brazil who sometimes gives me panic attacks.  I heard through my resources that he was in the middle of a big mob of police arresting bad guys the other day.  Then there were whisperings about a robbery that he was directly involved in.  He tells me nothing.  We did get to see his face on Mother's Day through Skype.  That was nice and he looked great.  I'm proud of him.
Elder F and Elder Tagg *a unique pair*
Skyping on the big screen with Elder Tagg
So even though life gets busy and kids get sassy I know I'll look back on this time with fondness.  Because doing something is better than nothing right?  I better get going if I want to stay on top of my life today, or perhaps I should just take a nice nap : )