July 06, 2006

My son Ping

Isn't E the cutest boy in a Chinese hat you have ever seen? He is also seen here wearing his favorite shirt of all time. It's reversable which is a good thing since one side has a irreversable stain. So it's both sides of the coin- this shirt... hmm. Something to think about. Speaking of E- he recently became the first child in our family to own his own 100 dollar bill. Two of them actually! He has gotten on the modeling band wagon that so many American kids here do. He worked very hard for 2 days from 8:00 to 4:00 (and may I say that is way too long for a 9 year old to have to work). I was pretty tired myself and I was just sitting there watching. So we should be seeing him in some FILA cateloge come winter 2007. One of the complaints I did have was that the 2nd day they paid him in US currency. The exchange rate is bad for that right now. So she ripped him off about 11.00. I didn't notice until it was too late, and Evan was so thrilled with the big bill I decided to let it go. We probably won't do this again- too much inconvienence. Of coarse most of this goes into savings, but he did get to purchase a dragon necklace at the amusement park the other day that he is pretty proud of. It's a bit on the gangsta side for me. Next time Mom gets to help him pick...

Bravo your life

Hey there. Thought this sign was worth posting. We should all bravo our lives a bit more, don't you think? We have a lot to be grateful for after all. LIke the fact that North Korea couldn't get those missles farther that the Sea of Japan for one thing! YIKES! I am going home to Utah for a couple weeks this month and I am excited. 'Bravo my life' that I have a husband willing to take time off and watch our kids for 2 weeks while I get pedicures, facials and shop all over Provo. I guess the last 14 years of loyal service on my part is paying off. Just kidding- we are a partnership all the way. Thanks T- Bravo our lives!