February 28, 2009


Approximately 25 days on the wall!
Approximately 25 days
Go to sleep,
Wake up the next day,
Approximately 24 days on the wall!

That's right folks.  Time has been marching right along and we have been pulling links off that old chain of ours.  Big Girl has been the main 'ripper' around these parts.  Only when Big Boy sees her doing it and then protests that he "never" gets his chance.  I pointed out the plain fact that he is alone for approximately 30 minutes with said chain every morning when he gets up before the rest of us and waits for his ride.  He came back with "I am in no frame of mind at that hour to pull links off chains."  Agreed.  At 5:00AM I am lucky if he puts the milk away.  I am also hoping he will eat some other side dish besides fruit by the foot.  He cannot seem to learn to hide the evidence.  Middle boy would never be so careless.  But I digress : )

Even though, last week when we were all puking our guts out and time seemed to be passing very slowly indeed, time did pass and we are still ever closer still to the day when T gets home.
I have been feeling a sense of pride that we made it.  In one piece for the most part.  I seem to still be fairly sane.  It was hard, I will not lie, and it still isn't over (keep praying for us!).  Just two days ago more violence and death was reported just an hour away from where T is.  3 more killed.  One from our home state of Utah.  This news frazzled and saddened me to the core.  I emailed T to ask why he hadn't mentioned it and he thought since it was nowhere near him that it needn't be mentioned.  "These things happen still all the time Kelly" was his reply.  Like that will make me feel better about his lack of sharing.  

I watched the HBO special movie titled 'Taking Chance' with Kevin Bacon.  Cried my friggin eyes out.  Despite the headache it caused, I highly recommend seeing that if you get the chance.  It's about a Colonel who volunteers to escort a deceased soldier home from Iraq.  Probably not the most happy shiny subject matter for me to be watching right now, but it was so well done.  An intriguing insight into the steps they go through and how they care for/respect our men and women who make the ultimate sacrifice for their country.  

I now have a greater understanding of what every military family who has a husband or wife deployed goes through.  No one has been more understanding and empathetic then the military families around me.  They just get it.  Hopefully I will be able to pay it forward somehow someday.  In a future blog I would like to try and put into words the many meaningful things we have gained through all of this.  Nothing is all bad (as Dad George used to say I am told).  Tonight I will just say that I am so excited that time has past and the best is yet to come!  Now does anyone want to come over and fix a broken cupboard for me?  I don't think we can live with that for 25 (approximate) days...

February 25, 2009

Two Uglies

For Big Boy's Birthday this month Big Girl had a Big idea. She would do what she thought would please him... Big time. She made fun of herself in the form of a hand written card with pictures she worked hard on... to make herself look bad. I have no idea where this card is right now or I would post a photo of it for you. It was heartbreakinly funny. She had drawn poop on her head and we all laughed it up with her to boost her image of herself as the latest comedian. There were pictures of her weak muscles compared to her brother's huge ones. I know because she had me doing all her labeling. She was very pleased with her work and I found myself wondering if she'll need therapy one day.

Then it was off to the local overpriced Olney Toys to find him a gift under 8 dollars (all she had in her bank). I don't know why she wanted to do so much for her oldest brother. He's pretty much mean to her 22/7. The other 2 hours he ignores her. (Only a slight exaggeration). Then on second thought I guess I can see why she wanted to please him so much. He is the oldest in our family. The King. The big Cheese. The Boss. What he says goes. Take it from me, I was one of those once. Dubbed the 'Queen Bee' of our last grouping of kids. My parents put two families together and then had more of their own. I came first in line of the children they had together. Capish? So looking on from one royal to another, I can relate. I hate what I see in my former self as a young teen, now in my oldest son. But what are you gonna do right? Life lessons need to be learned my living I guess. I am not sure who I feel more sorry for, him or her.

The toy she picked out went right along with her self-detesting theme. An Ugly Doll. Nathan has a thing for all things stuffed (still- I know) and had been looking at them before. I knew he'd like it. Have you seen these things? One of the Obama children had one clipped to her backpack on the first day of school. So I guess that makes it the must have for every 15 year old boy in town right?

Well-Big Girl's birthday was on the 13th, just 4 days after his and what did Big Boy do? He got her another Ugly Doll to be friends with his. I hope they will have many great adventures together, and that Big Boy can find it in that big heart of his (that I know he has), to heal the part of her that thinks she needs to place herself below him to get his approval, by treating her like the true beauty she really is. Now wouldn't that be loverly?

February 24, 2009

Jai Ho

Are you an online shopper? I find it really saves time for me. It sometimes doesn't work out, but for the most part I find it convenient. Much more convenient then taking a family my size to the malls. Whenever I get to the payment portion of the process there is a part where I pause and think.... No, it's not the 'is this a want or a need' part. I am not that good. Though I am repenting a bit there and spending less these days. It's amazing how fast those bonus checks get spent around here. The part I am speaking of is when you must fill in your address. You have to select the country where you live. Some companies simply put the United States at the top of the selections and make it easy for us in the USA. I always feel a bit like a cocky American at that point. When you do have to scroll down alphabetically all the way down to the U section I am usually amazed and a bit impatient when it takes so long to get there. I mean, there are a LOT of countries on this planet. A lot of places that never cross our self-centered American minds. It's overwhelming to say the least.   Have you ever noticed that the news in the US is so country-centered?  It's like nothing ever goes on outside our boarders.  Yet, if you look at that list of countries, that should be proof that there is life out there somewhere.  And possibly, they are also shopping.

Having lived in a foreign country for 2 years with my family I feel a bit sheepish recalling the bubble I used to live in. I can so relate to those who come here and are frustrated with communication and culture changes.  Watching the oscars last night and seeing those whos english was not a first language, trying to make acceptance speeches in front of a live audience just made me so uncomfortable for them. How about that Japanese guy who made the Mr Robato joke as a way to relieve a bit of stress. So endearing!  Didn't you just love it when A.R. Rahman gave credit to God and his mother in his acceptance speech?  Not many typical hollywood types doing that...  He also said something about choosing love over hate.  Also awesome!  I need to choose love more.  I found out today that the translation to the title of his winning song Jai Ho means 'may victory be yours.'  I haven't seen Slumdog Millionaire because I usually avoid movies with an R rating.  This may be one that I have to see though.  I am glad that another country got to be in the spotlight last night.  It made me think of my friends who are living and working in India right now with their 3 small children.  Choosing love over hate.  To Karl and Amy- Jai Ho!  

February 22, 2009

Lost cookies

Well it's official. As of 7:45 this evening I am offically off thin mints. It's a darn shame too. Here's hoping this virus passes through quickly and doesn't take anymore prisoners. Thank goodness for helpful 15 year olds...

PS I just looked at the kitchen. Scratch that last part.

February 20, 2009

Grody to the Max

I should never have done it. I made the huge mistake of voicing out loud at a gathering of women how lucky we have been to not be sick this season. All over lately people have been dropping like flies due to some virus or another. I was even smug enough to think it was some tender mercy reserved especially for me. Angels keeping watch over our family in T's absence. I sat there compassionately nodding as our friend told his story the other day of his kids getting the stomach flu on vacation. This prompted the aforementioned throw up stories in my last post. I guess that did it. We officially ushered in the vomit pixies into our humble home. Little Boy appeared to be faking yesterday morning with an upset stomach. Since it has been going around I didn't take a chance (although heaven knows that boy had cried wolf a time or two recently). He felt warm later and I congratulated myself on the good call.

Then just as dinner was well into preparation stages yesterday I couldn't quite figure why Baby Girl was being so cranky. This is always a tricky part of my day when she would like to be held but I cannot make dinner and hold her at the same time. She is getting better about going with one of the kids and playing. Thanks to Aunt Paula's visit she now sees playing as a better option to TV. Progress! Yet trickier. But this time she would have no one but me. Thank goodness it was only leftovers and all I was doing was reheating. Suddenly I looked down to see she had lost her cookies on the kitchen floor (bonus that I wasn't holding her at the time and thus had less to clean up right? I always try and look for the silver lining). I took off her dirty shirt and wiped up the mess and decided it wasn't one of my favorite shirts and threw it into a plastic bag and said goodbye to that shirt forever. Baby Girl is my last one so I am allowed (Even in this economy? Shocking!). She had a bath and proceeded to throw up in there and all over for the rest of the evening until around midnight. It was horrible! I cancelled everything I have going on today and have been laundering my heart away until just now I found another disgusting thing to add to my list of disgustingness in the last 24 hrs. Someone dumped dog food in the sink that the washer empties out into. That happens when someone accidentally fills the wrong dish and dumps her food into a bowl of water. So the nearest place to empty is the deep wash sink next to the washer. We have an older home that is set up that way-the washer empties into the deep sink. What is that deep sink called?! I am sleep deprived so forgive me. Anyways the deep sink was all clogged up with mushy dog food (and some regurged spaghetti-hey you saw the title and kept reading, don't blame me). I had to hand scoop the mess out and hope my pipes are still in working order. Little boy, who is home a 2nd day with me (not barfing but doing some pretty impressive snotty sneezes with the results going down to his chin-Grody! I'm tellin ya) he confessed to the dog food disaster. I should have made him scoop it out. But I am a kind mother when it comes to sick children. Instead we are painting his pinewood derby car/tank that is going to wipe the competition out of the water! Well Baby Girl cries so I must go, but not before grossing you out once more by sharing this.... Once when I was 8 months prego with Boy #2 I had a screaming toddler in my arms who for the life of me I couldn't figure out until he vomited right into my MOUTH! Yes I caught that virus and I think it was instrumental in putting me into labor. Gross.

February 18, 2009

Tuesdays with Thin Mints

Hi T
It was a good day I guess. Pretty busy though. I forgot to drive the seminary carpool and J. Lo drove for me. So that was cool. I think the 3 day weekend threw me. I had a bunch of stuff on my calendar today and I must have overlooked it. Although I thought about it on Monday and it just went out as soon as it entered my brain. Big Boy was funny on the phone when he called to see if I was coming or not. He said "Mom, we are gonna have to think of a way to remember next time okay?" Thanks Big Boy!

I volunteered today. Same conversation with Ms Repeat. "Can you come every week? Just bring the two year old!" Although today when she had me stay after class and help her even more than I signed up for, I mentioned to her that I once lived in an Orthodox neighborhood in Silver Spring and was a 'Shabbat Goy" and even purchased chometz! (look it up- it's cool). Maybe now she will remember me. Who knows.

MG came today to clean house and make me happy once again. Life is good. I had to leave the front door open due to my absence for her. Note on the door, check on the fridge. I wasn't sure if I would catch her before she was finished since I am usually out until 12:00ish.

It was the babysitter's birthday and she still watched Baby Girl for me. My birthday-she made me a cake, her birthday-I dropped off our 2 year old in a soggy diaper and PJs. Nice. I tried to make up for it when picking up the baby, by bringing a card and plant. I also gave her my leftover chocolate covered strawberries. I made those for Big GIrl's birthday treat in her class. Isn't that special? Ms S loved them! I think she smokes... Kindergarten teachers should not smoke. There oughtta be some sort of law there. BTW chocolate covered strawberries are messy when eaten by 5-6 year olds.

Home Teaching was also on the calendar for the day (Lots today!) Nathan had a killer sliver just before the HT came over and I called to see if he had a better set of tweezers. I had just gotten it out before he came to the door. See?! I am self sufficient. The kids were kinda crazy while he was here and they kept interrupting one another with throw-up stories. "I threw up in Mom's bed once" said Big Girl. "I threw up 16 times in one night!" says Middle Boy. "I threw up in a chinese restaurant- IN CHINA!" Says Big Boy. It just went on and on and made me a bit nauseous to tell you the truth.

I ate too many thin mints today. I don't think they are going to make me thin. What a misnomer.

Then there was a baby shower for SK tonight. I brought fruit. The pineapple platter spilled in the car. Thank goodness for rubber floor mats! I gave Sister L a ride. She can be a tad bit abrupt. She would tell me where to turn into the church parking lot like I had never been there before and didn't know where I was going. What is her deal?! When I told her that I hadn't finished my sewing project I felt her judging me. Who cares. Perhaps because she donated some of the fabric she felt I ought to put it to better use or something. I need to get over it. There are many things I need to be better at. I watched a movie last night with Kiera Nightly. She is one skinny gal!  Not enough thin mints for her!  The movie was called 'the Dutches' and the Duke was played by Ralph Fiennes. He sure was bad to her, cheated on her, blackmailed her with threats of taking away her children. Wouldn't let her have true love. And in the end she forgave him. If she can do that then perhaps I can overlook the back seat driving habits of Sister L.

I am going to send you the rest of the girl scout cookies so that I will not gain weight and you will not be such a heart-stopping-hard-body from all that training you are doing over there.

Eat some cookies, do less sit ups.  You'll make me feel better, and that is what really matters right?

I love you dearly!!!


February 15, 2009

Love Story

T and I met at the Glenwood apartments. He was just home from his mission attending BYU. I had just finished up dental hygiene school in Colorado and my father had pushed me out of the nest when an opening came up in an apartment with my friend Shauna. I will be forever grateful to Shauna for having her former room mate move out. I had been considering a mission for my church. My old-fashioned father had told me my mission was to get married and have babies. Sigh!

T was assigned to be my home teacher. He came over to my house on the 31st of March and found me in curlers before church. He recalls noticing not the curlers, but my legs. (too mush?) I remember he was handsome and seemed smart. Just as he was about to leave he asked me what toothpaste he should be buying for maximum effect. I told him to stick with something approved by the ADA and he couldn't go wrong. He asked me out the following week. We'd almost been each other's blind dates the month before but both declined the invitation. Then fate took over from there.

The rest of the details I will leave out since T is somewhat private and feels that I am sometimes too open on my blog. That is one thing about us. We differ quite a bit. Compliment each other could be another way of putting things. We had a roller coaster romance. One where I didn't feel like wasting time in telling him my feelings, and he struggled to make his mind up. But with a lot of patience, faith, prayer, and stress-shopping, we managed to work things out. This April we will have been wed for 17 years! I can honestly say that I love him more than I did the day we married. He is a kind, patient, thoughtful, loving, smart, humble, spiritual, shy, funny, strong, handsome, awesome man and I am very very blessed!!!!

February 14, 2009

Kiss the Cake!

Well the pressure was on to produce a cake as wonderful as the Home Star cake I made for her big brother. I asked A what kind of cake she wanted and she thought about it for a while, looked at her Tinkerbell lunchbox and said "Tinkerbell!" Somehow I felt this would be more of a challenge than HSR. So I asked for alternative choice. She then asked for Hannah Montana, looked at my reaction to such a suggestion and quickly changed her mind (she knows I wish she weren't into Hannah at the tender age of 6). The next thing she said was the girl from Finnias and Ferb who is always tattle telling on her brothers. I decided maybe Tink was the least of all evils. I also decided a little less TV is in order at our home- so what else is new! So I printed out a couple of pictures online to go by. The first one proved disasterous when trying to do the body. Looked more like the crocodile than Tinkerbell. Here's what it looked like...

So we went for the extreme close up of the fairy. I like the lips! So did Audrey as she began kissing the cake! I think we'll cut that piece for her.

Lucky Friday the 13th

Someone has been counting down the days on our chain.  Eagerly anticipating the 13th of this month.  Friday the 13th could not have come too soon for all of us....

Then princess A requested a massage with lotion after her breakfast in bed...

Next she summoned her crown


While A was away at school her father sent her these! Happy 6th Birthday Princess!!!

February 12, 2009

Comparing Apples to Oranges

In our blue print for making children my husband and I have two recipes. Type A and type B. We lovingly refer to the children this way. Makes them feel all special and stuff. The type A kids have the red hair that is totally coveted by every grandma-type you see around town, which they hate btw. They also have the fair complexion that goes along with it, freckles and blue eyes. In case you were wondering, we were surprised by the red both times. It can be traced back to my husbands paternal grandmother's sister. (Got that?). I claim that my mother who passed away is sending them to us. She always wanted a red-headed grandchild. At one point there were like 50 grandchildren (I came from a family of 13 and I am number 10), and with each one she would say "I think this one is going to have red hair!" None of them did, until my kids came along after her death. She was so good on earth that they must have granted her a wish- 2 times.

Anyways.... Type B has darker skin and a light brown/dirty blond hair color. Two blue eyed and one brown (she's a type Bb). They have great skin for tanning- no freckles at all. Shamelessly good looking- the ones I worry will have no moral character.

The funny thing is that the Type A kids and the Type B kids also have similar likes and dislikes. A likes orange juice, B tends to go for apple. As are more silly. Bs are more sullen. As have musical talent. So far the Bs have a hard time carrying a tune. A kids like jelly (grape!), Bs like honey with their peanut butter sandwich. The list goes on and I am sad that I can't remember more at this point. I may have to make an addendum to this post when I think of more things. I just find it sorta freaky don't you? Yes they are all individuals with unique things as well, but I find it just a bit perplexing why I can't just make a pitcher of OJ and everyone will partake. I have to also have apple on hand for a happy breakfast table. Don't even get me started on the debate over oatmeal vs cream of wheat...

So heres to our unique brand of sameness. May we always find ways of sticking up for each other and bind ourselves together in the name of grape jelly. And here's hoping their children will do the same torturous things to them someday.

February 10, 2009

Big Boy's Birthday

As is fairly traditional for Big Boy's birthdays, we send him on a hunt for presents with written clues set to poor prose. It may be a bit long and painful to watch if you aren't family and seriously interested in us. Mostly I posted these so my hubby could take a peek at our 15 year-old's birthday that he missed. It was mysterious and chaotic with episodes of crying and hiding under covers. Just what family life is all about, (at least ours). Happy Birthday to my 15 year old boy. I can't believe how fast it's gone by...

February 09, 2009

Plastic Surgery for 2 year olds

Well some may recall the incident we had in October just after T's parents were dropped off at the airport. We had a bloody boo boo. Unfortunately the 'wound care specialist' at Bethesda Naval Hospital, didn't do the stitches right and should have done some internal stitching, because the day after we took out her stitches she bumped her head again and split the same spot open a 2nd time. When I showed it to a doctor friend of mine, he said he would recommend taking her to plastic surgery to redo the stitches. Since she is a girl and it was on her face, we did just that. Thursday was her surgical date. Wednesday we went through about a half a days worth of paperwork, nurse and doctor visits. I felt awkward next to another family with a two month old going in next week for cleft lip surgery. His was a much more serious boo boo to be sure.

Poor Baby Girl though, having to be intubated and put under general anesthesia. I wondered if it was worth all the trouble. Then she would remind me that it bothers her (even at her tender age of 2!) when she would look at herself in the mirror and say "ouwee", or "yucky" when pointing to her scar. Whenever there was a band aide around she wanted me to put it on her scar. So I am glad we had it done. Luckily I had help from a friend who came to assist me. It was hard work keeping a baby distracted from food at 8:00 am! I am also sure I would have gotten lost on my way there without her help. My GPS was no help since the hospital was on a military base and the streets are not listed in the satellite system.

The interesting part for me was the comments that kept coming about how pretty my child was. Every health care professional was complimenting her right and left. "Look at her face! Those cheeks! That hair!" It was like they had never seen a cute baby before. All babies are cute right? Someone told me she should be in Baby Gap commercials. That was like the ultimate compliment. My friend Sister S and I were talking and the topic of being cursedly good looking (not us our kids) came up. She also has cute children who grew up to be nice looking adults. The comments can sometimes be a curse. People think you are merely decorative and possibly stupid. Or they hate and despise you for being so nice looking. So here I was getting a scar removed and at the same time showing my concern for having a child who may fall into the trap of a pretty girl who doesn't have much to recommend herself for on the inside. I was always taught that pretty on the inside was what mattered, but clearly pretty on the outside matters too, or I wouldn't be doing this surgery for my pretty little girl. Gives you something to chew on for a bit. And then spit it out, get breath freshener, powder your nose and smile for your close up...

Here we are post surgery-me looking oh so glamorous and Baby Girl trying to come out of the anesthesia.

February 06, 2009

Thanks for Chili

We just had some chili for dinner. The kids seem to like chili, although Big Girl will not eat the beans. She no likey. The boys are well trained to thank me for every meal. I have told them that one way to turm mom's mood from bad to good is to tell her 'thanks'. Someone must have had thier mental computer turned on that day and recorded it somewhere and pushed save because usually Big or Middle Boy, will always say 'thank you' at mealtimes and the rest of them follow suit. It's awesome since saying thank you is my love language. We also had canned fruit, toast and water. Chili toppings were tortilla strips (eaten plain by Baby Girl) and cheese (sneaked and eaten alone/and or on chili by all). We are a cheese loving group. Middle Boy grated some extra cheese at the end just for a post-meal snack. Shows how much he loves my chili eh? I signed up to make chili for the blue and gold banquet at the end of the month so this was good practice. You know, I like to make a double batch for leftovers but I do NOT (repeat NOT) double the meat. You hardly miss it! Big Boy recalled the Falling (name changed to protect the innocent) Family's hot chili they made at the anual chili cook off with 3 count em 3 habanero peppers in it. He says he thinks it's thier Italian heritage that makes them such good cooks. You know how much chili they eat in Italy right? I asked him how he knew the Fallings were Itallian and he said, "the cooking, and Anthony and Leno were thier children's names." Good points on both accounts... So here's to Chili, and here's to saying Thanks to the cook. Buon Appetito!

February 04, 2009

Back to the Blog

Well here I am after the kids are down for the night and instead of reading my book club book or getting to that last load of laundry at the end of the laundry tunnel I am blogging. Nothing special to say tonight, just a random entry about my day. I had a nice day as the house is still pretty clean from MG coming on Monday, and the laundry, like I said is at a minimum. A recipe for a happy mom is a clean house and minimal laundry. When the kids came home and spilled sunflower seeds all over the place I was not a happy camper!

I volunteered for my usual 2.5 hours at the elementary school. I am there during Big Girl's art class and there is a sweet if somewhat aging and senile art teacher I will call Ms Repeat. Ms Repeat is obviously Jewish Orthodox, wears a wig and skirts all the time, and speaks with an accent. She spends most of the kid's art time instructing the class on how to do a thing and then repeating herself, or trying to recall a child's name (she tells me she has 600 names to remember-sheesh I'd be a wreck!). Then she gets sidetracked by forgetting a name and repeats herself. She has also repeated the following to me on just about every visit I have made to her class. "So why aren't you here every Tuesday?" I tell her it is because I go to my older son's class on the other Tuesday. Tuesday is the day I have a sitter for my two year old I explain. "Oh... So you can't come during your son's art time on Wednesday too?" "No" "Well you could always bring the two year old with you" "Ummmm..... No thanks : )" Then two weeks later when I show up again, I will tell her my name and repeat the volunteer conversation with her. It's kinda fun predicting just how long this time it will take her to ask me the 'can't you come every week?' question. She is a great art teacher and the kids really love her though- so it's all good.

Then I went grocery shopping where I almost ran into a lady's runaway cart in the parking lot. Actually almost is too strong of a word for it. I was completely stopped in anticipation of her losing the cart, and she did- so I was safe as was she-and the cart. All was well. I wonder why they don't level out the parking lots here. It's an eastern thing I think. I don't recall this problem in Iowa, California, Utah, or Korea for that matter. Anyways as I got out of the car the cart woman who I will call 'Chatty' came over to tell me what good defensive driving skills I have. She then went on to tell me that teenagers have no such skills and neither do husbands. "Husbands pick a child up after they have fallen, Mothers see the fall before it happens and stop the child from falling." Perhaps I should have named Chatty 'Careful' instead. Or 'Needs Therapy.' I told her btw that I developed my wicked good defensive driving whilst living in Seoul where they drive like maniacs. I then noticed that I like to just drop the whole "I lived in Korea" thing a lot. Like it makes me more special or something. A stand out. On a deeper understanding about all things Korean or asian. If I see someone asian and I am standing next to them for more than about 2 minutes I just almost can't help asking where they are from so I can drop the whole 'lived in Korea' thing.  Funny because while I lived there I longed to be back on US soil for many reasons, and now in my heart I am still thinking about Korea all the time.  

There was an asian woman in the produce department but we did not speak.  I had my eye on her though- like a stalker!  Then I was behind her in line and I started noticing what she was purchasing to see if that gave me a clue as to her nationality. Nothing unusual. Then she spoke to me and that opened the door. She had no real accent, but as we got more friendly in line out it popped "So are you from Korea? I just have to ask because I lived there you see, and that makes me all mysterious and smart, and hard working right? Can you feel it? Did you see that defensive driving out there about 30 minutes ago- that was me in the Honda Odessy... yes really!" She was from Hawaii.... Oh I am losing my touch!  I wished her aloha and slunk back to the car where I defensively drove home with my tail between my legs.  

February 03, 2009

What has been going down

You may have wondered, or maybe not so much, where I have been. I went from blogging nearly every day to writing nothing for an entire week. I can tell by all the comments on my last post that I have truly been missed. I found something out about myself this week. I know you are all on pins an needles too.... If I have an adult to converse with (and I did this week when my sister came to visit), then I don't really have need of blogging. Blogging, I find to be an outlet for me to vent my thoughts. Sort of an imaginary internet adult to talk to. Only totally not the way that sounds. I have only kid to adult conversation through out the entire day and so I blog (usually at night) to get the adult conversation out, and then I can go to sleep. (Usually too late). I am sure when T's deployment is over I will blog a lot less.

So to highlight what went down while I was away, here is a top ten list of events during my week without blogging...

1-Picked up my sister 30 minutes earlier than planned at BWI and was surprised to actually find her there, with chocolate!
2-Shoveled out of an ice-storm that put the kids at home from school for 2 days straight. My sister couldn't have come at a better time!
3-Went shopping and found some nice brown shoes.
4-Jump started my husband's car and replaced the battery (Thanks home teacher!)
5-Did lots of laundry.
6-Cooked for my sister. (Jambalaya, tortellini Soup, omelets and home-made pizza)
7-Went to the Museum of American History and took a photo with Steven Colbert's portrait inside a portrait inside a portrait. I know you are jealous!
8-Taught my sister how to use Facebook.
9-Finally unpacked and organized my sewing room while Paula made Kraft mac and cheese for my kids.
10-Regained some sanity. Just in time I might add!

So there you have it. If anyone is thinking of coming to hang out with me and watch me try and feed my 2 year old, please feel free. It's a chance of a lifetime I'm telling ya! And I make a pretty mean omelet if I do say so myself.