October 16, 2008

Bloody Boo Boo : (

Well I hadn't been solo in the house for even an hour when Little Girl fell down some stairs and split her head open. Way to start out the deployment by myself. (T's parents left Tuesday evening). Not sure exactly how it happened but Middle Boy and Little Girl were playing on either side of a door and she had been closing it playing peek-a-boo with her brother. Somehow the game went wrong and she ended up falling down ten steps on her side of the door. The metal barrette in her hair at the time was the cutting culprit. It was traumatic. I am so grateful for my neighbor who helped navigate me to the naval hospital and was available to calm me down. So grateful for the fact that she was not more seriously injured. I hope this will be the end of this kind of thing for the rest of Troy's absence. Today it seemed was a decompressing day. Like coming down off of an emotional roller coaster. I felt like I had to tell Little Girl that I was sorry for pretty much doing a body slam laying on her while she was stitched up. I was strong in the moment, but afterwards felt like I had violated her somehow. It was interesting how she responded. Mostly she screamed but a few times she would become tired and quiet, look at me and say "mom?" I'd say "what?" and she'd use some of that new vocabulary of hers "UP!" Oh my poor baby!!

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