October 14, 2008

Traumatic morning-great day

Well today started out with Middle Boy complaining of a stomach ache and not wanting to attend school. He had mentioned something about not feeling well at bedtime as well which could mean one of two things. He was really sick or he had been planning this since Sunday night. Knowing him as I do (and being tricked recently by him), I told him "it aint workin' get your rear in gear" I think there may have also been a lecture in there about not being able to trust someone who cries wolf, yada yada yada. Then he 'realized' that he would have to present an oral report (memorized) in spanish class today. (hmm... could this be the reason for the supposed illness?). Then realization turned into panic when Middle Boy could not find his previously finished paper to memorize. He had done a thorough paper sweep of his binder over the weekend and somehow the paper had disappeared. Normally this would be cause for big drama and fighting between the two of us. I remembered the words of a priesthood blessing given to me by Troy just last Friday. Something along the lines of my patience levels being increased. Oh how I will need that in my life over the next several months. BTW as a member of the LDS church we believe that the 'priesthood' is God's power being utilized here on earth through worthy male members of the church. All members benefit from this sacred power. It's the same priesthood used by Christ and His apostles, restored to the earth by Joseph Smith. Enough church talk...

So somehow I was able to make lemons out of lemonade with Middle Boy this morning. (And thank heavens for Annette being there to make breakfast for the other children so I could focus on this disaster. They leave tomorrow-YIKES!) I told him that everyone makes these kinds of mistakes. I have done this sort of thing many times and there is always a solution. We can either throw in the towel and give up (which is kinda what he is prone to do), or we can mount that horse again and learn from the mistakes. I then suggested a truly inspired solution involving skipping first period. He was very willing to do so. He re-wrote the homework, happily memorized it, hugged me and shared his love, was only 5 minutes late to school I might add, and all was well in the world. No fighting- amazing!!!! Oh and kudos to the nice spanish teacher (who I had emailed with a heads up to the situation) who let him present his thingy at lunch to her separately from the class of kids. What a kind hearted woman that is!

Speaking of kind hearted... today, Normally Angry Offensive Home-School Mom (lets just call her that for privacy purposes on the blog) was nice enough to share her number with me today and told me that anytime I am sick to let her know so that she can take my kids to school for me. Another neighbor I barely know offered to carpool with me to make life easier as well. Audrey will never go for it, but the offer is nice. I feel like people are really trying to support us and that feels good. luckily I am not so independent that I will not let anyone help me.

Lastly- we got pumpkins. We sang our traditional slow, country-sounding, drawly song we made up years ago that has made-up on the spot lyrics and it went something like this. "I got pumpkin, it's on my shoe... I got pumpkin how about you? I got pumkin and it's in my ear.. I got pumpkin and I cannot hear (I fear). I got pumpkin, and it sure is nice... I got pumpkin is there a pumpkin spice? and on and on and on.

The end


Eileen said...

So glad your day went well! Maybe I need Lyle to go to Iraq so my kids will stop arguing!

Bob and Julie said...

You're a great mom!! I love how you calmly helped him to logically work through his problem. I am so grateful for priesthood blessings! It's wonderful to hear of all the little mercies and blessings you are receiving! Wow!