October 19, 2008


Dear T,
I miss thee. I wish you were here to coax Nathan into going to that one last cross country meet. I wish you could hold the baby while I make the pancakes. I miss it when you sneak in from work and come up behind me while I am working in the kitchen and wrap your arms around me. I miss your hugs. I miss your barbeque shish-kabobs. I miss your sleeping by my side. I can't seem to settle into sleep at night without you here. I miss you at church when the baby gets fussy and you take her out so I can listen. I miss you getting up early with Nathan to go to seminary. I miss your blue eyes... I am doing just fine without you so far. People have been asking the kids over for play-dates and that is helpful. But they are not my plucky and I miss him. Take good care of yourself sweetie and know that we all miss and love you. Here are some shots of the kids for you to see. We had breakfast for dinner tonight and everyone helped me. It was nice. However the silliness set in afterwards and I was going nuts!

Love you

PS How does that stitching job look? Should I have demanded a plastic surgeon? At least I wouldn't let the intern take his 'turn' on her.

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Eileen said...

I think the baby's stitches look great. Definitely an improvement upon the bloody boo-boo. I wonder if the blog helps T stay connected or just makes him miss you guys more.

If I lived closer I'd have your kids over for a playdate too.

AND, your comment totally made us all laugh. I'd have pegged you as a mooner!