October 07, 2008

Thoughts and Events of the Day

We had a lovely day together as a family. T's office has let him off for the last few weeks before his deployment. It has been bitter sweet. The first week after the big news was so emotional and oddly uplifting. I could literally feel the angels by my side. I had this deep appreciation for my husband and everything out of my mouth was sweet and kind. Things that would normally irritate me melted away. More than once I thought to myself that every couple should experience this kind of blow so that they can feel the love, and appreciate each other as they ought to all the time. Things have normalized more now, but there is a growing anxiety as they days are numbered.

When this post was started there was still a week left. Now we are at the day before departure and T's parents came yesterday. There were already some tears on the walk home from school this morning as I told T to take care of himself because he was needed here at home. When he asked what I needed him for I replied "math problems and sweet lovin'."

Today is Middle Boy's birthday and he did not want to go to school. I wrestled with the idea of letting kids stay at home today to be with Dad, but thought again when I realized that he needs to pack and get ready to go, and who really wants a memory of dad suctioning air out of full ziploc bags to take to Iraq with him for 6 months. We are taking Middle Boy out to lunch instead. He wants a lemon cake (which I should be baking right now). He will also receive the priesthood tonight in our home. That will be nice to have more priesthood holders in the home while T is away.

Well- I am off to spend some more quality time doing things like filling small travel-sized shampoo bottles with head and shoulders, wrapping presents, and seeing if I can get T to hang tricky stuff on the walls.


Eileen said...

That makes me teary just reading it! Will Troy give the kids Father's Blessings before he leaves? Lyle always does that before the first day of school and it gives the kids lots of comfort.

Love you guys, Eileen

MissMel said...

I found your blog through Eileen's. I used to live in her ward in Washington and LOVE HER! My husband was also in Iraq. You will make it through! I just wanted to give you that support.
Then, I saw your cjanerun and nienie blog connections. Do you know Courtney or Stephanie? Do you know Segullah? Courtney and I are friends through Segullah. The Mother in Me book is having a launch party on Saturday to raise funds for Stephanie. See cjanerun.com for the details. We should probably get to know one another, holy hannah, connections, connections.

Kelly said...

Wow those are some good connections we have! Eileen, Iraq, and the Clarks. Yes, I knew that family growing up. I was older (almost 40 now! Yikes). I knew Page and Matt the best. I stumbled across their story on the internet and was so sad to hear about Stephanie's accident. It has been amazing to read her and CJ's blogs. I have read CJ's links to Sagullah, but I am not really sure what it is other than a group of women writing on a blog. Do you write there too? How long has your husband been deployed?