October 28, 2008


Tonight was family home evening. One night a week where we get together for learning and fun as a family. With T not with us I decided it might be fun to have another LDS family over to share in the evening with us. The F family came with their 4 children and it went better than I expected. We played a pictionary type game with 'mormon' type words and it got a bit competitive, but not too bad and our family won in the end so that is what really matters right? They played our piano and guitars and then we moved up to the playroom where we jammed on the American Idol for the Wii for about 20 minutes. Brother F looked through our CD collection and was impressed by my collection of 80's stuff. Go class of 87! They are a nice family for us to get to know better. Their oldest son is a good kid but seems quite confident. He and I play the same Scott Joplin (simplified versions) of the entertainer (both played a bit too fast and with lots of errors). Yeah- I think he was impressed. Did I just say HE was confident? Maybe we both are... We had disgusting Shoppers-brand donuts. "Donuts made me what I am today!" That was for you T.

Over and out,


Kelly said...

What are you trying to say with the donuts comment? Glad you had a good time. T

Kelly said...

Just that quote from Homer "Donuts made me what I am today" is what we always say when we eat donuts! Stay with me here : )