October 21, 2008

T's in Kuwait

T called this afternoon and it was so good to hear him. He had been up for 32 hours straight so it wasn't a long talk. The kids gave their standard one word answers to his questions (we need to work on that). He will be going to Iraq in the next couple days. I had received word that some men from his brigade were injured (not sure how). Then today another email stated that one man was killed. This is most disturbing news even though T is not there yet, it is where he is headed. Hopefully all will be well with his flight. That part scares me. We have some friends here in the area who had their father/husband deploy while we were in Korea and he showed us a slide show of his tour over there. I recall him saying that the flight into and out of Iraq are quite vulnerable times. So glad my husband isn't a pilot! And to think I dated one in college! (three in fact!!).

Meanwhile back at the ranch, the kids were all supportive to me today when I had a bad night sleeping N did the mature thing and got himself ready for seminary while I slept. He thankfully has a ride in the mornings. I keep trying to think of a nice thing to do for that kid. Two home-made cookies the other morning couldn't have hurt. Then sweet E let me have his bed when he got out and he made himself breakfast as well. I find a stash of Eggo Waffles to be quite the motivator when the milk is gone and kids are hard to rouse in the early morning hours.

D & A's contribution was that they both agreed to taking school lunch. How sweet it is! Now I need to go dig up some mittens for tomorrow cause the morning walk was frosty the snowman!


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