October 23, 2008

Random facts of the day

Today was hard. The lack of sleep is getting to me. I stay up doing meaningless things because I am unused to being the only one in the bed. I think it's the evenings when things get quiet that my mind turns to T and I can't seem to settle, so I fuss over this and that thing that needs to be done. When actually what needs to be done is some sleeping. To top it off both Big and Little girls were up in the night. One just going through her usual scaredy-cat behavior and one coming down with a cold it would seem. There are 4 of us now trying to ignore symptoms-NOT FAIR- says I. I just got over a killer cold that T gave me. Almost the last thing he did give to me when he left. The actual last thing he gave me were these babies...

And they are now dying. I can't seem to throw them out even though they stink. I think I will muster the strength tomorrow.

Anyhow- the start of the day wasn't great because I slept through my alarm. I have a pesky new alarm clock that only gives you 2 hits of the snooze button and then it stops going off. What insane inventor came up with that bright idea? It actually requires some self discapline, which I don't have much of at 5am when I have had little sleep all night. Half of the night Little Girl was in bed with me snorting away. Not good... So Big Boy slept until he had about 10 minutes before his ride to seminary came. We flashed through what needed to be done (didn't even take his meds today-so obvious to me this evening). Good side was we had no time to argue with me either. Not even when I forced the only coat (a winter one) I could find over his short sleeve T-shirt. I hate this time of year when you have to constantly convince them it's not summer anymore. He's been rearing his ugly teenage side to me lately. I gotta learn to just walk away from him like he is two years old. It is pointless to argue with him.

I had a bright spot during the day when I went to lunch with the primary presidency and we mostly caught up with each other and then did the usual wondering why they won't call a scout leader for us. It's complicated. Then T called after lunch while I was shopping for diapers and it was great to hear him. I miss him so much! Today while Little Girl was mad at me and crying she called out for Dad. It was precious and sad at the same time. He made me promise not to let her forget him, so today I showed her every picture up in the house of her dad. BTW she also said the word 'butterfly' today. There were some on her clothing and she pointed to it as I got it out and clearly said it a few times. "Socks" was also said with much better pronunciation then she has mustered in the past. What with butterfly and the previous winking incident, I am thinking next I will see if she can file our taxes this season.

Speaking of math, D's homework came home with all smiley faces on it today and I couldn't help but think of new strategies to get him to join the math team (we call it 'smart kids club' for lack of a better name-it's not really called 'math team' either- I am not smart enough to remember the official name, or to help much with his math for that matter). He's opposed to the after school meeting and associating with what he thinks will be 'nerds with thick glasses.' He must be getting this from Middle Boy. When Little Boy (D) and I were doing 'homeschool scouts' (another term we've come up with since we have no cub scout den leader, so we do it at home), and I suggested keeping track of his spending for 2 weeks, he said the best way to do that would most probably be a bar graph. What a nerdy/cool kid. Too bad he doesn't need thick glasses.


Eileen said...


If you're up late and can't get to sleep, remember that it's 3 hours earlier here. Give me a call!

Maria Rose said...

Those flowers are really beautiful.

Kelly said...

Thanks Maria, whoever you are!