October 20, 2008

Sunday Update

Well it was a good day overall. I have been dreading what my Sundays will be like what with the kids all cooped up indoors (chilly today), and T gone. Sundays can drag even when he is here so I was expecting the worst. It must be the prayers on my behalf or something because it was a good day. I even got a nap! Perhaps napping was the reason for the goodness of the day. I had to be to the church early (hard for us- kids were supportive, I was impressed) due to the fact that today was the primary program and I am in charge (which I hate btw). The program went well. Little Boy was awesome and memorized his part so well. That kid is really smart, he had it down in like a half hour the first time I handed it to him and retained it for 3 weeks without rehearsing it. Every time I would ask him to practice he'd say "no! I already know it and then recite it without prompts. It wasn't an easy or short part either. And I am not braggin, cause I can back it up and I just dare you to come and check up on me. That was really a shameless plea for visitors in my current single state, but who knows- it might work. Audrey also has had her part down for a while (it was an easy one liner-"The best way I can know of God's commandments is to listen to His prophet, Thomas S Monson" ). She, for some strange reason decided she didn't know her part anymore the day before and was pretending (obviously) not to know it. I think she wanted to be like all the other kids who were getting help from her mom. She did the same thing at the pulpit during the program. It was weird- oh well.

The day at church was nice enough. People kept coming up to me to ask how I was, etc. Someone talked me into not driving for seminary this week. Twist my arm- OKAY! Troy is on everyone's mind and I am cashin in on it I guess. He called this morning to say he was on his way out of Georgia. So who knows when I will hear from him again. It will be a few days at least I am sure. They say the flight from Kuwait to Iraq can be dangerous, so I am anxious and I will now make another plea for prayers for T to those who read my blog and are the praying type. (hey, is the person from New Zealand following this possibly Vladimir's mom? Just curious- I know she is the praying type, leave me a comment please).

The home teacher wanted to come over today, and he brought candy and fixed a window shade that had come off for me. That was nice. He also offered to help remove Eliza's stitches at Walter Reed tomorrow so I don't have to go to the ER with lots of waiting. He is coming through for us after all. It took him a while to come at first (he is a busy resident), but I was glad to see him today. He's even offered to help with leaves in the yard when they all begin to fall. There was even talk of mowing and the fact that he has a leaf blower- I think it would be a bit shameless for me to accept all that but still- so nice!

Little Boy and I read scary stories finding a good one to present at the Halloween party in his class. I went through what seemed like mountains of paperwork before quitting and feeding the kids (more awaits and tomorrow I gotta pay the bills-ugh). We discovered over orchard picked apples, peanut butter, and leftover mac and cheese (how nice not to have to cook), that Eliza can wink! Seriously, she did it about 3 times in a row back to us when we'd wink at her. It totally ruined the spirit of family scripture study because no one was listening. We were all winking and giggling at her.

My sister P called and we had a nice chat. She has been thinking a lot about me she said. This reminds me to email all my family members with my new numbers since we changed them and most of them don't have an update. So that is how I will close my blog for the night. Very journal like tonight- no time to be creative.



Melinda said...

You changed your blog's name! I was so confused when it popped up in my reader.

Glad to hear you are hanging in there. Sundays ARE tough -- give yourself a long bath or something to celebrate surviving the day.

Nathan said...

Yes I did and it's not a great name I admit unless you know the family song we made up that goes with it. However since T won't let me share those personal things like last names and things on my blog-no can 'spain...

Rhonda said...

Hi Kelly,
Our family is praying for you in Nevada. Thank you for serving our country. Keep being strong. We can tell you are. Leslie asks me every day how T is and if I have heard anything. She is a unique and special girl. She is very thoughtful and loving though. Hang in there. We love you guys.

Kelly said...

thanks a heap Rhonda