October 05, 2008

Blumbies and sheep

One of my favorite memories of Little Boy was when he was just a baby. His vocabulary was developing nicely but as with all children he had some funny things going on there. Rabbits were 'habeets' and horses were 'blumbies'. It took us a while to figure out why the word blumbie. It sounded nothing like horse. I should mention that LB has always been and continues to be a big animal lover. He loved to death a number of plastic horses making them gallop around on hard surfaces until one or more of the legs would snap off. I had made it a personal quest to purchase a horse with the most durable legs. Because being the perfectionist that I am, I hated having all those legless creatures around the house. One day we put together the sound he made when he played with the horses. "blum blum blum." The sound of the hooves of coarse! Hence the name blumbie- one who blums! Sorta like the horses from the movie 'Man From Snowy River" the Brumbies. (Not sure on that spelling).

So Little Girl has come up with a word that started from hearing the sound canned whipped cream makes when you dispense it on your pancakes. When she has finished eating up all the fluffy white stuff (not touching the pancake), she says most demandingly "SHEEP!" We (being the true nutritionalist parents that we are) give her more whipped cream from a can and it makes the shhheep sound. Makes perfect sense to me. Today however I discovered she uses the same word for toothpaste and baby lotion. Apparently it goes along with anything that quirts out of something. Aren't babies the most fascinating things?


Bob and Julie said...

So dang cute!! I absolutely LOVE the words and phrases that kids come up with. They truly are amazing.....and adorable!!

Eileen said...

What a cute girl! Speaking of words kids come up with, we just started a blog and named it Scravings, the word my kids use for the tidbits of food left on their plates after dinner. Here's the new address: