May 28, 2007

Disney Sea

The Wildest Ride in the Wilderness

This has got to be my all time favorite ride at Disneyland. I just love the atmosphere and the best part is when they say that it's the "wildest ride in the wilderness!" Although they didn't say this in Japan (unless it was said in Japanese and we didn't understand), it was still a joyful time. I mean just look at these happy faces.

More Disney

May 27, 2007

Toyko Disney

We (and by that I mean the kids and me), are big Disney fans. So I was thrilled that Japan had a Disneyland for us to take the kids to. I grew up going to the theme park in Anaheim and T grew up mostly camping for family vacations. He couldn't really relate to my tears of joy on our first family Disney adventure when I realized that the magic kingdom in Florida is laid out the same as the one I grew up going to in California. It could have been the post pregnancy hormones, but when I saw that castle and the same Disney parade going on as we walked into the park, I was reduced to tears. FYI- Disney Tokyo has the same basic layout as the other two parks. They really know how to get to you.

You got like 3 feet of air that time dude!

Big Boy was in a good mood as we walked to the subway in Tokyo. Must have been because we were headed to Disneyland!

Pirate Ship

Here's the pirate ship thing we got to ride around in for more views of the famous Mt Fuji (still covered in haze at this point as well). The kids enjoyed playing gameboy on this ship. It was so worth it!

Gondola Ride

Here you see us looking out the window of this Gondola ride included in our tour. This is when you are supposed to really see a good view of Mt Fuji. Instead this is pretty much what we saw. We also experienced a good windy snow storm when we got out. So we spent most of the time remaining (on this part at least) in the restroom and the gift shop. Sigh! At least the guy with the blue streaks in his pony tail was being entertaining. He must have been afraid of heights 'cause he was nervously chattering away the entire time. I think it also could have been my 5 children making him act weird.

Family at Fuji

Well here we are in front of a photo of Mount Fuji at least...

A Pretty Drive

One of my favorite parts of the Mount Fuji Tour we took was the nature scenes on the way there. Even though the weather report was forcast for sunny on the day we booked our tour, it was hazy and rainy/snowy. So we never really saw the mountain. Pretty disappointing, but there was the bright side. Look at this bright side why don't 'cha


One of Little Boy's interesting personality traits at the moment is that he fails to ever comprehend that he can possibly be wrong about anything. He has a beachball sized blind spot in this area. For example, he will be caught in the act of say eating forbidden cookies and when you say to him "why are you eating cookies?" He will reply "I wasn't!" in the most convincing way while chewing and swallowing. So here is Little Boy on the bus tour to Mt Fuji playing a newly purchased baseball game on his gameboy. He was having some difficulty with hitting the ball or something (new game you know), and he kept repeatedly shouting out "WHAT!?" like to the umpire in the game. Absolutley refusing to accept he was in the wrong (typically). So the tour guide is in the middle of telling us all about the sights and customs here in Japan, and she says that at this restaurant on our left we can purchase a reasonably priced meal for about 15.00 a plate. Juat at that moment Little Boy shouts out "WHAT?!" You had to be there to appreciate it.

Mount Fuji Fun

We recently took a vacation to Tokyo Japan. On our vacation we took a tour of Mt Fuji. This was a fun snowy stop we made. We haven't had this much snow in Seoul for 2 years.

May 26, 2007


I couldn't agree morre!

Little Boy's Mishap

So Middle Boy had a run in with a tennis racket during PE and had to get 3 stitches. Luckily it wasn't a quarter inch in the wrong direction or it would have been a serious eye injury! The advantage here was that Dad could take out his stitches. The disadvantage was when the ER doc spent a lot of time making balloon animals out of the latex gloves telling us how he was the only doctor who could make such great animals and they were sadly disappointing.

Just because

Troy sent these when he found out I was having a bad day. It rocked my world!

Big Boy's poem...

The following is a poem that Big Boy entered in a library poetry contest. He did it for the extra credit offered from his language arts teacher. He actually won 3rd place in the contest and was given a 10.00 gift certificate. We are so proud of him, but he is pretty embarrassed at the poster sized poem they put up in the library. He says he doesn't want to be known as a nerdy poetry guy.


when you are in the army

you feel like a

ball that never stops bouncing

and the bouncing is giving

you a

splitting headache


you are getting torn away from the

ground that you love

and every once in awhile

you stay on the

ground that

you love

only to be ripped away

Big Girl's game face

I found this picture tonight, and could not resist posting it! This was actually during soccer season last fall. She is still just as feisty as this picture portrays.


Here is a lovely example of the mishaps that happen when the Korean's try to write things in English. Gotta love it when your dream comes ture (true)!

May 23, 2007


What a good looking triplet of boys!

Rather Dashing

Well as you can see, Big Boy is not only good lookin' he has some romance in him as well! We sure are proud of our 13 year old son...

May 22, 2007

Sling babies

Here is a dear friend of mine M B and her cute baby Lucy. Lucy was born on Christmas and E on New Year's Eve. She let me use her sling once (a Maya wrap). And now we both sport one at church qutie often. They are useful here in Korea. H P has a green one now too! They are all the rage, you trend setter M B! I should also point out one important thing here. Our friend K T suggested them to us in the first place. Her baby is due in July. Too bad we won't be here when she wears her Maya wrap to church for a triple photo.. Thanks K T!

Hanging in there

I love that Baby Girl can now reach for, grab, and bring things to her mouth. It keeps her happy a lot of the time. I find that she often falls asleep holding on to something as well. I am especially proud of her for developing this skill since baby Lucy in our branch is a week older and hasn't yet mastered this. Lucy has been rolling over for a while though. We won't focus on that.

Baby Girl has managed to roll this last few days and it's funny because she can't get back the other way and gets upset at having rolled her face into a toy or something. We constantly rescue her and she goes back the instant we step away. Very frustrating yet entertaining as well~

How many times to I have to tell you?!

So we see A here with her newly purchased toy. We got this electronic dog in Tokyo for her. It's leash has two controls on it. One for barking and one for walking. She was playing with it in the airport terminal in Japan while we were waiting for the flight home to Seoul when suddenly there seemed to be a crowd gathering and laughing at her. Not too unusual really in Korea. (the laughing part maybe). She was apparently putting on quite a show. She would push the button making her puppy walk then pick it up and proceed to spank it repeatedly saying harshly "how many times do I have to tell you NOT to WALK!" Then she'd go ahead and make it walk again, setting the poor dog up for failure again with repeated spankings. I must say I had some inner guilt at the situation since she did get spanked (a rarity in our home), during our vacation a couple of times. She just refused to stay on her couch and go to sleep. I also recalled the words I used at the time. Something along the lines of "how many times do I have to tell you...." So we see the power of our words and deeds on children. It all gets taken out on the dogs. I recall thinking to myself several times on this vacation that; vacation time with family is often an exercise in forgiveness. I sure had to forgive E one day when he was in a bad mood at Disney, and pretty much making us all miserable. We decided it was time to head back and I was disappointed, but when I looked at my cold, wet, (it was raining and he refused to wear his raincoat- hence the grouchy situation), unhappy son- I suddenly had a change of heart towards him. I decided to forgive him of his stubbornness and I gave him an underneath dry jacket I had on to warm him up. It was amazing the change in his (and my) countenance. We had a nice ride back to the hotel. So sometimes I fall short, but sometimes I am a good parent. It just depends...