May 27, 2007


One of Little Boy's interesting personality traits at the moment is that he fails to ever comprehend that he can possibly be wrong about anything. He has a beachball sized blind spot in this area. For example, he will be caught in the act of say eating forbidden cookies and when you say to him "why are you eating cookies?" He will reply "I wasn't!" in the most convincing way while chewing and swallowing. So here is Little Boy on the bus tour to Mt Fuji playing a newly purchased baseball game on his gameboy. He was having some difficulty with hitting the ball or something (new game you know), and he kept repeatedly shouting out "WHAT!?" like to the umpire in the game. Absolutley refusing to accept he was in the wrong (typically). So the tour guide is in the middle of telling us all about the sights and customs here in Japan, and she says that at this restaurant on our left we can purchase a reasonably priced meal for about 15.00 a plate. Juat at that moment Little Boy shouts out "WHAT?!" You had to be there to appreciate it.

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