May 22, 2007

How many times to I have to tell you?!

So we see A here with her newly purchased toy. We got this electronic dog in Tokyo for her. It's leash has two controls on it. One for barking and one for walking. She was playing with it in the airport terminal in Japan while we were waiting for the flight home to Seoul when suddenly there seemed to be a crowd gathering and laughing at her. Not too unusual really in Korea. (the laughing part maybe). She was apparently putting on quite a show. She would push the button making her puppy walk then pick it up and proceed to spank it repeatedly saying harshly "how many times do I have to tell you NOT to WALK!" Then she'd go ahead and make it walk again, setting the poor dog up for failure again with repeated spankings. I must say I had some inner guilt at the situation since she did get spanked (a rarity in our home), during our vacation a couple of times. She just refused to stay on her couch and go to sleep. I also recalled the words I used at the time. Something along the lines of "how many times do I have to tell you...." So we see the power of our words and deeds on children. It all gets taken out on the dogs. I recall thinking to myself several times on this vacation that; vacation time with family is often an exercise in forgiveness. I sure had to forgive E one day when he was in a bad mood at Disney, and pretty much making us all miserable. We decided it was time to head back and I was disappointed, but when I looked at my cold, wet, (it was raining and he refused to wear his raincoat- hence the grouchy situation), unhappy son- I suddenly had a change of heart towards him. I decided to forgive him of his stubbornness and I gave him an underneath dry jacket I had on to warm him up. It was amazing the change in his (and my) countenance. We had a nice ride back to the hotel. So sometimes I fall short, but sometimes I am a good parent. It just depends...

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