February 06, 2009

Thanks for Chili

We just had some chili for dinner. The kids seem to like chili, although Big Girl will not eat the beans. She no likey. The boys are well trained to thank me for every meal. I have told them that one way to turm mom's mood from bad to good is to tell her 'thanks'. Someone must have had thier mental computer turned on that day and recorded it somewhere and pushed save because usually Big or Middle Boy, will always say 'thank you' at mealtimes and the rest of them follow suit. It's awesome since saying thank you is my love language. We also had canned fruit, toast and water. Chili toppings were tortilla strips (eaten plain by Baby Girl) and cheese (sneaked and eaten alone/and or on chili by all). We are a cheese loving group. Middle Boy grated some extra cheese at the end just for a post-meal snack. Shows how much he loves my chili eh? I signed up to make chili for the blue and gold banquet at the end of the month so this was good practice. You know, I like to make a double batch for leftovers but I do NOT (repeat NOT) double the meat. You hardly miss it! Big Boy recalled the Falling (name changed to protect the innocent) Family's hot chili they made at the anual chili cook off with 3 count em 3 habanero peppers in it. He says he thinks it's thier Italian heritage that makes them such good cooks. You know how much chili they eat in Italy right? I asked him how he knew the Fallings were Itallian and he said, "the cooking, and Anthony and Leno were thier children's names." Good points on both accounts... So here's to Chili, and here's to saying Thanks to the cook. Buon Appetito!


Kristina P. said...

I love chili! That sounds so good right now!

Kelly said...

You always comment about wanting my food. Want to come for dinner sometime?

Bob and Julie said...

Hellloo...I'll come for dinner!!! I seriously LOVE chili..but you know what beans do...hmmmm.
Beans, Beans the magical fruit.
The more you eat, the more you TOOT! :) There's my bathroom humor for your dinner table!
Oh wait...there's more to the chant....
The more you toot, the better you'll feel.
Let's have beans for every meal!!

Pearcyfamilyfun said...

You won't be finding any chili in Italy and not any food resembling the "Olive Garden" either. All of us here laugh at the "real" italian food because it is all very fresh which is good but very bland in flavor. Oh well chalk it up to life experience. I admire you for your good attitude during T's deployment. You ROCK!!!