February 25, 2009

Two Uglies

For Big Boy's Birthday this month Big Girl had a Big idea. She would do what she thought would please him... Big time. She made fun of herself in the form of a hand written card with pictures she worked hard on... to make herself look bad. I have no idea where this card is right now or I would post a photo of it for you. It was heartbreakinly funny. She had drawn poop on her head and we all laughed it up with her to boost her image of herself as the latest comedian. There were pictures of her weak muscles compared to her brother's huge ones. I know because she had me doing all her labeling. She was very pleased with her work and I found myself wondering if she'll need therapy one day.

Then it was off to the local overpriced Olney Toys to find him a gift under 8 dollars (all she had in her bank). I don't know why she wanted to do so much for her oldest brother. He's pretty much mean to her 22/7. The other 2 hours he ignores her. (Only a slight exaggeration). Then on second thought I guess I can see why she wanted to please him so much. He is the oldest in our family. The King. The big Cheese. The Boss. What he says goes. Take it from me, I was one of those once. Dubbed the 'Queen Bee' of our last grouping of kids. My parents put two families together and then had more of their own. I came first in line of the children they had together. Capish? So looking on from one royal to another, I can relate. I hate what I see in my former self as a young teen, now in my oldest son. But what are you gonna do right? Life lessons need to be learned my living I guess. I am not sure who I feel more sorry for, him or her.

The toy she picked out went right along with her self-detesting theme. An Ugly Doll. Nathan has a thing for all things stuffed (still- I know) and had been looking at them before. I knew he'd like it. Have you seen these things? One of the Obama children had one clipped to her backpack on the first day of school. So I guess that makes it the must have for every 15 year old boy in town right?

Well-Big Girl's birthday was on the 13th, just 4 days after his and what did Big Boy do? He got her another Ugly Doll to be friends with his. I hope they will have many great adventures together, and that Big Boy can find it in that big heart of his (that I know he has), to heal the part of her that thinks she needs to place herself below him to get his approval, by treating her like the true beauty she really is. Now wouldn't that be loverly?

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