February 24, 2009

Jai Ho

Are you an online shopper? I find it really saves time for me. It sometimes doesn't work out, but for the most part I find it convenient. Much more convenient then taking a family my size to the malls. Whenever I get to the payment portion of the process there is a part where I pause and think.... No, it's not the 'is this a want or a need' part. I am not that good. Though I am repenting a bit there and spending less these days. It's amazing how fast those bonus checks get spent around here. The part I am speaking of is when you must fill in your address. You have to select the country where you live. Some companies simply put the United States at the top of the selections and make it easy for us in the USA. I always feel a bit like a cocky American at that point. When you do have to scroll down alphabetically all the way down to the U section I am usually amazed and a bit impatient when it takes so long to get there. I mean, there are a LOT of countries on this planet. A lot of places that never cross our self-centered American minds. It's overwhelming to say the least.   Have you ever noticed that the news in the US is so country-centered?  It's like nothing ever goes on outside our boarders.  Yet, if you look at that list of countries, that should be proof that there is life out there somewhere.  And possibly, they are also shopping.

Having lived in a foreign country for 2 years with my family I feel a bit sheepish recalling the bubble I used to live in. I can so relate to those who come here and are frustrated with communication and culture changes.  Watching the oscars last night and seeing those whos english was not a first language, trying to make acceptance speeches in front of a live audience just made me so uncomfortable for them. How about that Japanese guy who made the Mr Robato joke as a way to relieve a bit of stress. So endearing!  Didn't you just love it when A.R. Rahman gave credit to God and his mother in his acceptance speech?  Not many typical hollywood types doing that...  He also said something about choosing love over hate.  Also awesome!  I need to choose love more.  I found out today that the translation to the title of his winning song Jai Ho means 'may victory be yours.'  I haven't seen Slumdog Millionaire because I usually avoid movies with an R rating.  This may be one that I have to see though.  I am glad that another country got to be in the spotlight last night.  It made me think of my friends who are living and working in India right now with their 3 small children.  Choosing love over hate.  To Karl and Amy- Jai Ho!  


Kristina P. said...

I loved Slumdog. It should not be rated R!!! It makes me so sad that it is, because a lot of people won't see it.

Great movie.

Kelly said...

Thanks! I will go on your recommendation then KP. I have made exceptions in the past-it's just a general rule. (I am not that Utah)...