February 12, 2009

Comparing Apples to Oranges

In our blue print for making children my husband and I have two recipes. Type A and type B. We lovingly refer to the children this way. Makes them feel all special and stuff. The type A kids have the red hair that is totally coveted by every grandma-type you see around town, which they hate btw. They also have the fair complexion that goes along with it, freckles and blue eyes. In case you were wondering, we were surprised by the red both times. It can be traced back to my husbands paternal grandmother's sister. (Got that?). I claim that my mother who passed away is sending them to us. She always wanted a red-headed grandchild. At one point there were like 50 grandchildren (I came from a family of 13 and I am number 10), and with each one she would say "I think this one is going to have red hair!" None of them did, until my kids came along after her death. She was so good on earth that they must have granted her a wish- 2 times.

Anyways.... Type B has darker skin and a light brown/dirty blond hair color. Two blue eyed and one brown (she's a type Bb). They have great skin for tanning- no freckles at all. Shamelessly good looking- the ones I worry will have no moral character.

The funny thing is that the Type A kids and the Type B kids also have similar likes and dislikes. A likes orange juice, B tends to go for apple. As are more silly. Bs are more sullen. As have musical talent. So far the Bs have a hard time carrying a tune. A kids like jelly (grape!), Bs like honey with their peanut butter sandwich. The list goes on and I am sad that I can't remember more at this point. I may have to make an addendum to this post when I think of more things. I just find it sorta freaky don't you? Yes they are all individuals with unique things as well, but I find it just a bit perplexing why I can't just make a pitcher of OJ and everyone will partake. I have to also have apple on hand for a happy breakfast table. Don't even get me started on the debate over oatmeal vs cream of wheat...

So heres to our unique brand of sameness. May we always find ways of sticking up for each other and bind ourselves together in the name of grape jelly. And here's hoping their children will do the same torturous things to them someday.


CSIowa said...

Ah, the parent's curse: I hope you have a child JUST LIKE YOU someday! I remember my father saying this to my oldest sister--repeatedly. (He couldn't possibly have ever said it to me, right?) He learned it from his mother. What a great family tradition! I wonder how many generations back it goes.

I refer to my year with a redhead in my church class of 3-year-olds as "The Taming of the Shrew." Maybe boys are different, but two in one house? I have to admire your fortitude.

Kristina P. said...

This made me think of those twins that were born and one was white and the other was black. The wife was white, and the husband was black. The odds of that are like 1 in a million!

Eileen said...

That's so funny because we also have our Type A children (conveniently named Adam and Abby) who really do have Type A personalities--hot temper, need hardly any sleep, very opinionated and super creative. Our Type B's (we actually just call them our type M's) are Madeline and Maya who tend to be more teachable and less likely to errupt into violence at the drop of a hat.

Frankly, our M's are easier to parent, but the A's spice things up quite a bit. And although we have red heads on both sides of the family, we never got a red-headed child. It's probably for the best--I think red hair in combination with a Type A personality would be a bit much for this Mama to handle!