February 20, 2009

Grody to the Max

I should never have done it. I made the huge mistake of voicing out loud at a gathering of women how lucky we have been to not be sick this season. All over lately people have been dropping like flies due to some virus or another. I was even smug enough to think it was some tender mercy reserved especially for me. Angels keeping watch over our family in T's absence. I sat there compassionately nodding as our friend told his story the other day of his kids getting the stomach flu on vacation. This prompted the aforementioned throw up stories in my last post. I guess that did it. We officially ushered in the vomit pixies into our humble home. Little Boy appeared to be faking yesterday morning with an upset stomach. Since it has been going around I didn't take a chance (although heaven knows that boy had cried wolf a time or two recently). He felt warm later and I congratulated myself on the good call.

Then just as dinner was well into preparation stages yesterday I couldn't quite figure why Baby Girl was being so cranky. This is always a tricky part of my day when she would like to be held but I cannot make dinner and hold her at the same time. She is getting better about going with one of the kids and playing. Thanks to Aunt Paula's visit she now sees playing as a better option to TV. Progress! Yet trickier. But this time she would have no one but me. Thank goodness it was only leftovers and all I was doing was reheating. Suddenly I looked down to see she had lost her cookies on the kitchen floor (bonus that I wasn't holding her at the time and thus had less to clean up right? I always try and look for the silver lining). I took off her dirty shirt and wiped up the mess and decided it wasn't one of my favorite shirts and threw it into a plastic bag and said goodbye to that shirt forever. Baby Girl is my last one so I am allowed (Even in this economy? Shocking!). She had a bath and proceeded to throw up in there and all over for the rest of the evening until around midnight. It was horrible! I cancelled everything I have going on today and have been laundering my heart away until just now I found another disgusting thing to add to my list of disgustingness in the last 24 hrs. Someone dumped dog food in the sink that the washer empties out into. That happens when someone accidentally fills the wrong dish and dumps her food into a bowl of water. So the nearest place to empty is the deep wash sink next to the washer. We have an older home that is set up that way-the washer empties into the deep sink. What is that deep sink called?! I am sleep deprived so forgive me. Anyways the deep sink was all clogged up with mushy dog food (and some regurged spaghetti-hey you saw the title and kept reading, don't blame me). I had to hand scoop the mess out and hope my pipes are still in working order. Little boy, who is home a 2nd day with me (not barfing but doing some pretty impressive snotty sneezes with the results going down to his chin-Grody! I'm tellin ya) he confessed to the dog food disaster. I should have made him scoop it out. But I am a kind mother when it comes to sick children. Instead we are painting his pinewood derby car/tank that is going to wipe the competition out of the water! Well Baby Girl cries so I must go, but not before grossing you out once more by sharing this.... Once when I was 8 months prego with Boy #2 I had a screaming toddler in my arms who for the life of me I couldn't figure out until he vomited right into my MOUTH! Yes I caught that virus and I think it was instrumental in putting me into labor. Gross.


CSIowa said...

Hang in there, Kelly!

Kelly said...

Thanks for your support Candice

literaqueen said...

Hey, I have one of those old deep sinks for my washer to drain into, too-- but no dog food in the pipes.