February 03, 2009

What has been going down

You may have wondered, or maybe not so much, where I have been. I went from blogging nearly every day to writing nothing for an entire week. I can tell by all the comments on my last post that I have truly been missed. I found something out about myself this week. I know you are all on pins an needles too.... If I have an adult to converse with (and I did this week when my sister came to visit), then I don't really have need of blogging. Blogging, I find to be an outlet for me to vent my thoughts. Sort of an imaginary internet adult to talk to. Only totally not the way that sounds. I have only kid to adult conversation through out the entire day and so I blog (usually at night) to get the adult conversation out, and then I can go to sleep. (Usually too late). I am sure when T's deployment is over I will blog a lot less.

So to highlight what went down while I was away, here is a top ten list of events during my week without blogging...

1-Picked up my sister 30 minutes earlier than planned at BWI and was surprised to actually find her there, with chocolate!
2-Shoveled out of an ice-storm that put the kids at home from school for 2 days straight. My sister couldn't have come at a better time!
3-Went shopping and found some nice brown shoes.
4-Jump started my husband's car and replaced the battery (Thanks home teacher!)
5-Did lots of laundry.
6-Cooked for my sister. (Jambalaya, tortellini Soup, omelets and home-made pizza)
7-Went to the Museum of American History and took a photo with Steven Colbert's portrait inside a portrait inside a portrait. I know you are jealous!
8-Taught my sister how to use Facebook.
9-Finally unpacked and organized my sewing room while Paula made Kraft mac and cheese for my kids.
10-Regained some sanity. Just in time I might add!

So there you have it. If anyone is thinking of coming to hang out with me and watch me try and feed my 2 year old, please feel free. It's a chance of a lifetime I'm telling ya! And I make a pretty mean omelet if I do say so myself.


Bob and Julie said...

What a great week!!! I wouldn't have blogged either!! I am so jealous of your museum portrait with...I actually have no idea. I feel for you and the ice storm. We had one of those doozers right before Christmas!! Glad you are all safe!! January is OVER...HOORAY!!!!!!!!

Kristina P. said...

Blogging breaks are great! Sounds like a delightful week!

Natalie Daines said...

Glad you had a good visit with your sister. Missed you! Glad you're back to blogging, although selfish on my part!