February 18, 2009

Tuesdays with Thin Mints

Hi T
It was a good day I guess. Pretty busy though. I forgot to drive the seminary carpool and J. Lo drove for me. So that was cool. I think the 3 day weekend threw me. I had a bunch of stuff on my calendar today and I must have overlooked it. Although I thought about it on Monday and it just went out as soon as it entered my brain. Big Boy was funny on the phone when he called to see if I was coming or not. He said "Mom, we are gonna have to think of a way to remember next time okay?" Thanks Big Boy!

I volunteered today. Same conversation with Ms Repeat. "Can you come every week? Just bring the two year old!" Although today when she had me stay after class and help her even more than I signed up for, I mentioned to her that I once lived in an Orthodox neighborhood in Silver Spring and was a 'Shabbat Goy" and even purchased chometz! (look it up- it's cool). Maybe now she will remember me. Who knows.

MG came today to clean house and make me happy once again. Life is good. I had to leave the front door open due to my absence for her. Note on the door, check on the fridge. I wasn't sure if I would catch her before she was finished since I am usually out until 12:00ish.

It was the babysitter's birthday and she still watched Baby Girl for me. My birthday-she made me a cake, her birthday-I dropped off our 2 year old in a soggy diaper and PJs. Nice. I tried to make up for it when picking up the baby, by bringing a card and plant. I also gave her my leftover chocolate covered strawberries. I made those for Big GIrl's birthday treat in her class. Isn't that special? Ms S loved them! I think she smokes... Kindergarten teachers should not smoke. There oughtta be some sort of law there. BTW chocolate covered strawberries are messy when eaten by 5-6 year olds.

Home Teaching was also on the calendar for the day (Lots today!) Nathan had a killer sliver just before the HT came over and I called to see if he had a better set of tweezers. I had just gotten it out before he came to the door. See?! I am self sufficient. The kids were kinda crazy while he was here and they kept interrupting one another with throw-up stories. "I threw up in Mom's bed once" said Big Girl. "I threw up 16 times in one night!" says Middle Boy. "I threw up in a chinese restaurant- IN CHINA!" Says Big Boy. It just went on and on and made me a bit nauseous to tell you the truth.

I ate too many thin mints today. I don't think they are going to make me thin. What a misnomer.

Then there was a baby shower for SK tonight. I brought fruit. The pineapple platter spilled in the car. Thank goodness for rubber floor mats! I gave Sister L a ride. She can be a tad bit abrupt. She would tell me where to turn into the church parking lot like I had never been there before and didn't know where I was going. What is her deal?! When I told her that I hadn't finished my sewing project I felt her judging me. Who cares. Perhaps because she donated some of the fabric she felt I ought to put it to better use or something. I need to get over it. There are many things I need to be better at. I watched a movie last night with Kiera Nightly. She is one skinny gal!  Not enough thin mints for her!  The movie was called 'the Dutches' and the Duke was played by Ralph Fiennes. He sure was bad to her, cheated on her, blackmailed her with threats of taking away her children. Wouldn't let her have true love. And in the end she forgave him. If she can do that then perhaps I can overlook the back seat driving habits of Sister L.

I am going to send you the rest of the girl scout cookies so that I will not gain weight and you will not be such a heart-stopping-hard-body from all that training you are doing over there.

Eat some cookies, do less sit ups.  You'll make me feel better, and that is what really matters right?

I love you dearly!!!



Kristina P. said...

Why oh why don't I have any Thin Mints!

Kelly said...

Because you don't have a girl scout in the house who you had to buy 10 boxes from....

Eileen said...

Thin mints really are a misnomer. I'm trying to think of our other well-loved girl scout cookie and the name escapes me. It's a long name...Ahhh, this is really going to bug me.

When I think of it, I'll let you know.

The word verification is "seduce". Being seduced by cookies maybe?