February 15, 2009

Love Story

T and I met at the Glenwood apartments. He was just home from his mission attending BYU. I had just finished up dental hygiene school in Colorado and my father had pushed me out of the nest when an opening came up in an apartment with my friend Shauna. I will be forever grateful to Shauna for having her former room mate move out. I had been considering a mission for my church. My old-fashioned father had told me my mission was to get married and have babies. Sigh!

T was assigned to be my home teacher. He came over to my house on the 31st of March and found me in curlers before church. He recalls noticing not the curlers, but my legs. (too mush?) I remember he was handsome and seemed smart. Just as he was about to leave he asked me what toothpaste he should be buying for maximum effect. I told him to stick with something approved by the ADA and he couldn't go wrong. He asked me out the following week. We'd almost been each other's blind dates the month before but both declined the invitation. Then fate took over from there.

The rest of the details I will leave out since T is somewhat private and feels that I am sometimes too open on my blog. That is one thing about us. We differ quite a bit. Compliment each other could be another way of putting things. We had a roller coaster romance. One where I didn't feel like wasting time in telling him my feelings, and he struggled to make his mind up. But with a lot of patience, faith, prayer, and stress-shopping, we managed to work things out. This April we will have been wed for 17 years! I can honestly say that I love him more than I did the day we married. He is a kind, patient, thoughtful, loving, smart, humble, spiritual, shy, funny, strong, handsome, awesome man and I am very very blessed!!!!


Bob and Julie said...

I am sooo glad that I know the part of the left out part. :) I felt so bad..but then...I was a bit in the obnoxious kissy-kissy happy stage and really didn't have a clue about anything :) You two are so cute together and I love how close you are now. (well not geographically...hmmm). You are a great examples to us all!! Thanks for the fun love story on valentines day!!

Kelly said...

So Julie, tell me exactly what you are referring to when you say you 'felt bad'. Felt bad when we broke up for a month or felt bad when he left your friend and came back to me? You were not too happy with us that day : ) Glad there are no hard feelings today! Tell me, did Marin ever get married? I may need to send her a fruit basket or something for Valentines this year.

Eileen said...

I love that picture!

literaqueen said...

Cute story! And did your husband really not see the curlers, or was he practicing (very wisely) his diplomacy?