September 09, 2006

"close mouth, bend eyebrow"

Well last Sunday we heard from a branch member that there was a poster up in a local mall featuring our son N. He has only modeled one time, and already he is famous! He sat for a Levis shoot a couple months back around the same time as E. I think both of them came away with a new realization of what hard work it can be and not really wanting to do it again. So it's quite fortunate that he was put up in the mall already with such little input on his part. We were surprized to see this scowl on his face and all his lovely red hair covered up. He told us he remembered making that face. They told him to "close mouth, bend eyebrow." He certainly followed directions! He also told us that they kept re-combing his spiked up hairdo only to put the ski cap right back on top of the combed hair. Like they would literally come over lift up the cap and comb only to cover it completely again- go figure. N commented that he liked his new fame and wondered aloud while we were decending on the escalator if he would be recognized by any passing Koreans. It didn't happen....

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