November 25, 2006

See the pregant belly?

T thinks this sweater makes you focus on my stomache. I can't see what he means... (ha). I think the tummy sticks out no matter what, so why not embrace it? People do make more pregnancy comments to me when I wear it though. He could be right. Anyways this was us a week or so ago.


Anonymous said...

I'm not gonna say my favorite nickname for Kelly even though the picture suggests that I should do so. I am keeping my word. I tell myself, her name is just "Kelly" not "Kelly Big xxxly".

Eileen said...

Hi Taggs! I just got your Christmas card today! Congrats on the new Tagg! I vote for Camilla or Seth-- but what about Ruby, is that still in the running? I see that this will be a red-headed (just look at previous pattern) girl and I think Ruby would be perfect! Check out our website for recent family photos including our new daughter from China!

Love you guys, Eileen and the rest of the Becks

Anon. said...

Hey Sean!
Thanks for the comment. It's been so long since I have looked at my blog and I am so psyched to see a comment. Sean is a name we are considering for our new baby you know. Great to hear from you and thanks for not calling me Kelly big belly.