January 07, 2007

Baby Girl is born

Well, we are proud to announce that our newest daughter is born! She came in the early morning hours of December 31st 2006. Making her a New Years Eve baby and a nice tax break baby as well. We were so grateful when Dr F (a neighbor, friend from church, and one of the OBGYN docs at the hospital here) called us on the morning of the 30th asking how things were going. I had been having false labor and some decreased fetal movement as well. He asked me to come in for a look since he was at the hospital for a scheduled C-section that morning. Things indeed looked favorable, so I was admitted for an induction, and I was so happy! Some 15 hours later (after another emergency C-section case came in delaying things for me a bit) she was born. T was able to deliver this baby and that was a thrill for him. He was so distracted/excited by catching her that I had to ask what the sex of the baby was. We are so grateful to have another girl for A to play with. Our family really feels complete! Her full initials are E B T and she was 8 pounds and 21.7inches long. She is a very calm wonderful baby so far who looks just exactly like Middle Boy did. Right down to the birth weight and the crinkled ears. We love her a ton!

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