September 08, 2007

Long lost blog

I know it has been a long time since I blogged. I have had many things get in the way I guess. I promised myself I would get back into it though, so here I am. T has pooped out for the night and the house is quiet at 10:31pm, so I should be able to crank something out without interruption.

Big Girl has started University Pre-school, and seems to be enjoying it a lot. Every night she asks if the next day is a school day or not. We were very lucky to get her in since there was a long waiting list that we would not have made it through had we not been 'legacy' (meaning I have had children attend there before). Teacher Jan came up to me on Thursday and said that she had a story to share. Apparently during dress up time there was a girl with slow speech who was chattering away incomprehensibly. Big Girl got a strange look on her face and asked the teacher if that blond girl was a Korean.

It's funny to notice things I never would before about Asian people I see here in Iowa. There are a fair number of Koreans attending U of I, or here for other reasons as well. This week when a skinny Asian woman walked right out in front of my car without looking, N and I both noticed that she must be from Korea (or somewhere close). I was also in the car when I noticed someone walking on the sidewalk from a distance, and I sensed in the way they were doing whirlybird motions with their arms while walking that this must also be someone of Korean decent. Sure enough when I got close enough- she looked the part. One of the benefits of living in another culture is that I can smile when I see familiar things I guess.

Another funny Big Girl story and then I will turn in. I have been called as the primary chorister and this month we learned the song "Listen Listen" only we learned to sign the song. So Big Girl has taken it upon herself to make up some signs to use when she wants me to know something. She likes to tell me with her made up signs when she has to use the bathroom. Something I am usually telling her that I don't need for her to tell me when we are at home- she can just go on her own. Perhaps this is why she feels a sign is neccessary instead of 'telling' she can show me with her signs. So for pee she shows me a sign that seems pretty appropriate. She puts her hand down between her legs and points her index finder to the ground, symbolizing a stream of urine I assume. For number 2 she curls the same finger toward her bottom, I guess pointing to the origin of said waste product. So the other day she came to me with a new sign she had ingeniously come up with to represent when she has to do both. One hand forms a circle (poop) and the other makes a straight finger over the circle (peep). She is such a funny gal! We have told her that public use of these signs isn't neccessary.

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