May 27, 2010

25,000 Emails

Yes that is what I have deleted in the past 24 hours. Are you shocked? Do you think me irresponsible? I can only claim ignorance in the category of all things technical. I leave those things to my Mac-savvy husband. I was under the understanding that Gmail had a bottomless pit of storage space so why bother with extra key strokes always deleting? My goal is to avoid that push button disease that Jane Jetson had. But after all that deleting I have been up to lately I am surely on my way to developing such a condition.

The reason I have been doing this is that my poor lap top seems sick. It has been extra slow lately. Shutting itself down and freezing up. Not good! We have two other computers in the house but that one is my main computer. Because who wants to go into a messy playroom/office space surrounded by toys on the floor to concentrate? Plus that room is just too far away (said with a whine). The other laptop is T's baby and I feel guilty if I get a fingerprint on it. I can eat cereal at my laptop! Heck it sits on the kitchen table. It's really amazing it hasn't had more illness due to toast crumbs that fall as I read all the blogs I am shamelessly following.

I had a friend over yesterday who saw all the photos and emails clogging up my computer, and told me I really needed to cleanse. So in hopes of a full recovery for my poor 6 year old 'silver bullet' (I just barely named her that), I have been on a deleting frenzy. In the beginning I categorized the emails meant for the trash can. Took out all the facebook comments. Then, yes I took down the comments left on my blog. I figure they are saved in my blog itself right? (Except the one or two I have not published.) Hi Megan from AZ who thinks I am a beast! I know- my own troll. I am so pleased about that.

Then I got serious and decided to just start deleting from the oldest to the present emails. It was interesting to look at the emails as the flashed past my eyes 100 at a time. Like the view-your-life-in-a-movie scene from Defending Your Life. Lots of categories: Ebay, book club, church, play group, etc. People and places came to my present mind that I haven't thought about much since 2005. I am not sure how to feel. It's like I've erased a part of my past that I had never intended to recover. Maybe I should just feel grateful for all the things I have experienced, and all the amazing people I have met during my crazy life of moving around in the military. But I can't help but feel a little off balance after just flushing all that information out into space. I guess there's always the movie to look forward to.


Jess, Andrew and Family said...

Are you proud that I am commenting right after reading this????
I can't believe you had that many emails! If I have over 100 in my inbox I start to break out in hives. I think I currently have 70 or so. I feel good when I have about 25.
I went to that photo site and voted for your daughter! But now I want to go and vote tomorrow for the little boy who only had 5 votes...sad!

Did someone really call you a beast?

Kelly said...

Yes Jess I am flattered that you would finally comment : )

Someone once called me a beast when I posted a funny video of my 2 yr old daughter insisting that the Kotex were her napkins and not mine. I kept goating her along in the video and it made some stranger mad. So... "beast"!

She kept coming back but never found another thing to be critical of. Too bad she wasn't around when the poop hit the fan this time last year she would have found some things to say I am sure.

Shana said...

A beast?? Never!

I like deleting things. I feel powerful.

Eileen said...

I'm horrible about cleaning stuff off the computer.....but I don't think I have 25,000!!!

Cheeseboy said...

6 years old? That is like 116 in human years. It's okay to let her go. She'll be in a better place soon...

(Where do laptops go when they die?)

Kelly said...

I know she is old but I am attached to her. I must say though that the thought of her shiny new replacement makes my hear skip a beat.

She is a Mac so is that less years than at PC (ref to as a Piece of Crap in this household)...

Teachinfourth said...

Hater comments are always a treat, aren't they? I got one not long ago and it was pretty cruel. I keep it as a reminder that jerks are real and that there's one person out there who doesn't like me.

If everyone liked me, wherein would like the challenge?