August 08, 2010

Our Date Night

(taken with T's iphone)
For father's day this year I splurged and bought my husband tickets to a concert (yeah, and a ticket for me too.  After all he wouldn't be a father without my contribution).  We went to that concert two days ago.  It was worth the wait.  We went to see Keane and we had the best seats.  We were 4 rows from the stage, right in the center.  My only complaint was the hearing loss afterwards and the close calls with his drops of sweat coming our direction.  That Tom Chaplin is one sweaty singer.  To be fair, it was a humid rainy outdoor venue.  I just found on the drummer Richard's blog a mention of it being the hottest gig they have ever played.  There is a photo on his blog where I can see myself in a hat behind the girl with both hands in the air.  Pretty awesome!

Even though he was sweating all over us his vocals couldn't have been better, and his white boy dance moves reminded me that I needn't be self conscious of what I was doing.  At least my moves weren't being displayed in front of all those screaming fans.  There was one semi-serious song where, during the instrumental part, he wasn't singing but was all hunched down in prayer position looking down with his knee up on the side of the stage. Suddenly, some girl in the front row threw what looked like a napkin up at him (T thinks it was for all the sweat, I wondered if perhaps someone was floating their number to him), anyways it was bad timing in the middle of that emotional part of the song.  He handled himself like a champ and smirked a bit, then ignored it.  T and I thoroughly enjoyed the concert.  I kept worrying that I had bought the tickets on too much of a whim and that it wasn't really the way T would have preferred we spend an evening.   You know how people usually give the gift they would prefer to receive?  It's true.  Think back to the presents you opened for your wedding.  The older people always give decorative cut glass serving trays and the young newly weds would really prefer to get plastic glasses from Target.  At least that is the memory I have.  As I get older I wish I had more decorative cut glass serving trays.  Sigh- I must be getting old.  But not too old to shake my stuff at a Keane concert!  I asked a group of 40ish ladies at the pool if they knew of Keane and not one did.  That made me feel young.  Luckily T seemed happy.  Perhaps he would have preferred a new biking shirt or something, but- too bad.

The two opening acts were also great.  I have to admit I had never heard of the group Travis.  The lead singer sang to us for a bit (he was great!), then Ingrid Michaelson and her band played for about a half an hour.  Even though I only recognized one of her songs,  I have fallen for her quirky music and personality.  Look her up-you won't be sorry!  My new favorite song of hers is called The Hat.  She had us do a little sing along with her during that one with hand movements.  They closed their portion of the show with a silly dance where the men in her group did a lift with her at the end.  Pure silly awesomeness!  One funny part was when a child in the front row threw a silly band in the shape of a dolphin up on the stage for her and she responded with the following "Oh, it's one of those new popular things all the kids are wearing!  Thanks!  How did you know I loved dolphins?  I mean, who doesn't?  They're delicious!  Just kidding- I don't eat dolphins, at least not that I am aware of."  She was adorable.

The weirdest part of our evening was at the very beginning.  Which is weird I guess, that I am writing this at the end.  Not much thought in this post today- sorry, we went to the zoo with 4 kids earlier and I am wiped out.  So T and I were on our way to the concert feeling pressed for time and we had about 30 minutes of driving to get there (traffic pending).  We were still in our neighborhood and there was this long haired chiwawa dog running down the middle of the street. (Odder still is the fact that earlier in the day, the girls and I had watched Beverly Hills Chiwawa on Netflix-not recommended)  He/she kept turning around to see if we were gaining ground and then speeding up, but not getting out of our way.  We honked the car horn but the dog just kept up this same small legged zig zag run for what seemed like forever.  I was tempted to have T pull over so I could go out and remove the pesky thing from the street.  I have no idea where the owner was.  Luckily the dog finally figured out the way to the side of the road.

So aside from a cold burrito from Chipotle eaten on the drive there you have all the details of my extravagant date night/father's day celebration with T.  "And there you go." (Said like Gus from My Big Fat Greek Wedding)


Kristina P. said...

That sounds fun! Adam and I have only been to a couple of concerts together, and neither of them were concerts that we BOTH liked.

I do want to get him tickets for his birthday to see a comedian.

Teachinfourth said...

Wow, sounds like you had a great time at the concert…I've heard of every artist you mentioned and love songs by them all (not every song they have, but a few).

Glad you had fun…did you want some ceramic figurines to go with your cut glass?

Kelly said...

Yes please Jason, I was thinking I'd start a collection of Hummels for my golden years.

Jess, Andrew and Family said...

I'm jealous! That sounds like so much fun! Keane is a good choice too- hip but not too young that you feel out of place among a bunch of screaming tweens.
Andrew and I have only been to one concert together...and it was Aerosmith. He surprised me with tickets our first Christmas, and even though I wasn't a huge fan it was sweet. After going to the concert I did decide that Steven Tyler is one of the grossest men on earth!

Connie said...

How fun! I hope you got your hearing back. (What?)

Shana said...

SOunds like fun!!!

danyl said...

sounds like a lot of fun. i love going to concerts, wish i did it more.