November 10, 2010


So my tooth (#17) is bothering me.  I know you dental types out there are wondering why I still even have that wisdom tooth in my head at the age of 41 (still 41 for 24 more hours).  It's because back in... let me do the math... I hate math so this may take a second.... back in 1982 I believe it was, my crazy progressive orthodontist thought it would be wise to have my Father extract my second molars *don't worry my Dad was a dentist* and let the wisdom teeth come in to take their place.  I know, crazy right? For years I would see people with my same mouth, missing those molars, rolling the dice with the wisdom teeth and losing that bet.  All I would have to say to them after cleaning their teeth *don't worry I am a dental hygienist* was "good luck, sorry you had my same orthodontist."

You see, wisdom teeth, despite their name are not wise.  They are crazy unpredictable teeth not to be relied upon.  Mine caused me to have to repeat a year of braces and they still tip. Witch, we all know, can lead to food traps and recession.  In my case interproximal decay.... repeated, and a nagging tooth ache that lingers for over a couple of months.  I am a dental hygienist... so having a tooth ache is somewhat embarrassing.  Also the repeated decay.  I was hanging my head pretty low after that diagnosis let me tell you.  Then I had some chocolate and I was okay again.

When my tooth starts to really act up I can't really talk without pain.  I have to stop yelling at the kids which is all I really feel like doing in my current state of crank, but I can't.  So it's a win/lose situation.  The kids win and I lose.  I go into my bedroom and moan for a while until the pain lessens.  My husband is getting tired of seeing me like this.  Poor him.

I've seen my local dentist several times and he repeatedly concludes that my bite is off and he adjusts it.  But somehow my tooth shifts and finds it's way back into occlusion and I'm in trouble again.  I am ready to try something more drastic and I have another appointment.  But until then I called a couple of dentists I happen to have in the family.  First my Dad.  Dad told me that because the tooth is reacting to my hot meal that it's gone south and I will definitely need a root canal.  He also suggests (as always) that I should start some antibiotics right away.  He was surprised to hear that we don't keep a stash of penicillin in the cupboard at home for these types of emergencies.  He always did.   My husband, the doctor, should really be taking better care of us.   Oh, btw, thanks for all those childhood rashes and yeast infections Dad.... ah the memories!  Then I called my more currently trained dentist brother who said that it has been proven that antibiotics don't actually help with abscessed teeth.  He also said that based on my symptoms I could possibly avoid endodontics (a root canal).  Nice to have a second opinion.

Then my brother invited me to Utah for Thanksgiving and I of coarse responded by inviting him to Maryland as well.  It's a funny tradition we have since my Dad and his wife used to make it a habit of calling everyone in the family and inviting them, even at the last minute, even if you lived in Asia at the time, and inviting you to their feast.  It was just to let you know that they were wishing you could be there with them.  Either that or to be able to come back years later to say "I invited you 10 years in a row and you never came!  What kind of kid are you?!"

So I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving.  You are all invited to my house.  I hope to have my tooth under control by then for sure.  Because I love my pie ala mode!


Jack, Merry & T-Man said...

Oh, you poor fool. I can totally relate. To the toothache (aaaahhh) and the "wisdom" teeth. I still have my wisdom teeth as well. And I know they are pushing my lower teeth into all kinds of crazy disarray! I hope you feel better soon.

Kristina P. said...

I still have mine in too. Which is stupid, because that's where I get all my cavities. Every time I get fillings, he tells me we need to take them out, but I'm scared!!

M-Cat said...

"then I had some chocolate and I was okay again"

Best line I've read all day!

Funnest mom moments ever came when my boys were coming out of anesthia with their wisdome teeth. i would have more of their teeth pulled for that fun!
Sorry you have pain. Add some diet brown bubbly and that should do the trick

Kelly said...

Thanks M-Cat. I know you read a ton of blogs so that compliment just made my day!

Also I love that you are willing to sacrifice your children's molars for a good laugh. I think we might be soul mates : )

Cheeseboy said...

Ah yes, the dreaded tooth sore yell quandary. I feel for you. Hope you have a great dentist.