March 19, 2011

Keeping Tabs

I don't know if you other bloggers do this, but sometimes I find the most enjoyment in reading my own posts from the past.  I hate to admit this because I know it sounds narcissistic, and as my title implies, I hate bragging.  I think the reason for this is because I like to keep tabs on myself and my family and note how much we've grown.  I also feel a kinship to these posts that I edited with care.  I sorta take pride in them.  I don't just blog to chronicle what we did that day, taking photos of every event for the audience.  I blog to vent my thoughts and feelings about a topic.  If I don't have much to say, you won't hear from me for a while.  At least this is what I think this blog has evolved into... I have even stated this with pride on occasion.  Just the other day during a church meeting when someone referred to blogging as 'a journal for the world to see' I spoke up and said "that's not how I blog."  But now I feel my opinion on the subject changing.  As I took a gander at my writing from the fall of 2008, when I was writing to record our daily events for my deployed husband, and I changed my mind.  By the way I love it when this happens- change.  I love it when a character in a book goes through a transformation and someone I loathed I suddenly understand more.  The more my opinions about things change the more I realize that I am growing.  That is what we are here on earth to do right?  Change!  Grow!  So I found my opinion on my ever important opinions changing because as I read my posts the ones I found the most interest in, were the ones that involved my children and what they were doing that day.  What I had thought was the boring stuff!  Probably it would be boring to the general public but not to me.

Now I ask my writing-self.  What do I want to write?  Who is my audience anyways?  Do I still care about followers?  There was a time when I really did and I was out there commenting a lot more than I do today.  Why?  Because I wanted a return visit.  Now I find myself not having enough time or interest.   It's change people!  And I just told you how I love change.  So maybe there is change in the future for "We Don't Mean to Brag'  Maybe it's going to be a internet journal after all... nah!  I think there will probably be opinions as well.  But in an attempt to write about what really matters to me, I am going to write an update on what's going on with my kids.  I will probably do it monthly.  For those who don't know me personally these will probably be boring but reading back for us, they will be a treat.  The reason I want to do this is because if I don't keep tabs on us who will?  Nothing is more important than my family.  And like my opinions- they are changing.

So here I go.... Keeping tabs on us:

Big Boy- This guy  is really really growing people.  I can't keep enough food in the fridge for him.  He loves cheese.  The other day for an after school snack he was having Baby Bell, Laughing Cow and I think some colby jack.  I looked at the table and told him I didn't think he was including enough dairy in his diet.  I then put a container of grapes in front of him to see if he'd take the hint.  He also has a habit of not caring where all these cheese wrappers end up.  I will walk into his room and find 3-4 string cheese wrappers scattered on the dresser bed and floor.  You'd think he had no garbage can in his room, but he does!  I swear!  Speaking of his room, we have a new deal this week.  He found something he wanted to order online and it was only $4.00.  It would probably surprise you to find out what it was... He wants the sheet music to the song 'the Devil Went Down to Georgia' so he can learn it and try out for a musical at school called Rock 'n Roll Revival which is a huge deal in this area.  I told him he could buy it if he kept his room clean for a week.  We are on day three and so far he's managed to keep it up.  So much for him telling me he has no time in the morning to make his bed anymore : )  And for that song to make it in the musical he would need an electric violin.  Those are not $4.00 unfortunately.

Middle Boy- This kid has really made me proud this week.  He faced his fears -and that is something for him.  He has wanted to try out for the lacrosse team at his high school for the entire year.  He only has one instructional two week summer camp and one spring season of playing behind him.  Most of the kids his age have played for several years already and it is intimidating to say the least.  Not to mention that everyone is about a foot taller than he is.  We can't wait for growth spurting to happen with this kid.  The week of tryouts he met several speed bumps along the way.  Forgetting to meet with the team on the first day, being behind turning in paperwork, losing expensive lacrosse gear for a day, and finally after playing with the team for one day having a melt-down at the thought of ever going back.  Thank goodness for the tender mercies of his coach who let him back for a second try after missing an early morning scrimmage.  At the end of the week he has made the JV team and he is actually not the worst!  He's getting in shape and progressing (especially mentally/emotionally).  Now we have kinks to work out with his piano teacher who isn't being as flexible as we had hoped, but oh well.  It's all working out though, and we are proud of Middle Boy!  There is a young married man in our ward who is a lacrosse pro who has agreed to invite E over to show him a few moves.  Totally an answer to our prayers!  

Little Boy- He continues to impress me.  I think it's due to having two older brothers.  All his life he has been chugging along trying to keep up with the older kids and it has turned him into a motivated hard worker.  He has really enjoyed being a part of his middle school orchestra this year.  His teacher is one tough cookie and they have a bantering-type relationship with one another that he likes to share with me.  That's another odd thing about this kid.  He actually comes home and shares stuff with me.  He tells me about a girl he has a crush on (we call her curly girly after her email address-and her hair).  It's so refreshing!  He's nearly a straight A student and it's pretty funny the classes he won't get an A in to me.  Like gym or orchestra where he is the first chair violinist.  His 'group performances' are the things that are giving him the B.  I don't quite see how that is fair and maybe I am living in a dream world here and he isn't as good as all that, but for the amount I am paying in private violin lessons, I'm thinking he deserves an A!

Big Girl- She is super sweet and sometimes not.  Just now I overheard her looking for her sister's Zhu Zhu pet so the two of them could have a 'pet playdate' when they couldn't find it Big Girl suggested a prayer.  She melts my heart that one.  Wouldn't you know it, within five minutes they have found it under a seat cushion downstairs.  The pesky noisemaker was stuffed there so that they could hear themselves think.  Yes the Zhu Zhu is right up there on my list of not favorite toys right along with Heelys.  And no, I didn't stuff it there.  Poor Big Girl has had some 2nd grade drama at school.  A three-some of friends is never fun.  She was insightful enough to make this analogy the other day.  She said "I feel like I am in a tug of war with Z and J is the rope"  I suggested she not play this game and just 'let go of the rope.'  The next day Little Girl told me that Big Girl was "breaking up with her friend today".....I asked what on earth she meant and she reminded me about 'letting go of her rope.'  I couldn't believe she was following all of that!

Little Girl- Her new nick name these days is "Kissy Face."  Not only does she have the most kissable cheeks but she is a love bug herself.  I am sad for every other parent who doesn't have a girl like her in their lives.  Wow, do I sound braggy!  Maybe it's just because she is my last that I am smothering her with my love.  She starts pre-school next year and I think it may kill me.  Or maybe I will just feel all kinds of freedom and be okay with it.  She started a little dance class this month and her first class she did great!  That was the trial class and the teacher gave out candy.  Smart teacher.  Once I paid the month's tuition the candy has disappeared and so has Little Girls good attitude.  I am just glad I didn't go out and buy multiple leotards yet.  We own two from her sister's days in gymnastics.  Kissy Face's previous nick names should probably be recorded for history.  Her alias names are also 'Biggy One' and 'Strawberry One.' With names like that in your repertoire how can one go wrong in life?
Us in 2008


M-Cat said...

What a fun post about your family!

Although, I am still a little stuck on big boy eating so much cheese. I can't fathom it! And does the boy ever poop? LOL

: )

Dawn (Bee and Rose) said...

Kelly...I LOVE this post! This is exactly how I've been feeling over the last year as well...I was just looking over my old posts too...trying to find my "voice" again, which I seem to have lost for a bit...

Thank you for sharing this post with us! Your family is amazing!

noyb said...

i got back every once in a while to read my old posts. its not so much a measuring stick, but a reminder. i cant believe how much i forget!
loved this post.

Kelly said...

Thanks for the comments ladies. I thought for sure this would bore everyone to tears. Love that you loved it : )


Teachinfourth said...

You do need to decide what it is you want to say about your family and personal life online. There are certain lines we need to decide in advance.

Thanks for giving us a little info about you and yours.

Kelly said...

I couldn't agree more Jason. Any advise? Does this post cross any lines do you think? Sometimes my filter doesn't seem to work...