February 13, 2012

'Bout Time

He'll either blow out his candles... or commit a heinous crime

Bout time I wrote another update.  We had Big Boy's surprise party on Friday and it was a hit.  Our house was pretty crowded with people and we had too much cake.  I was disappointed to find out that one of the girls I had invited just couldn't contain herself and went up to him the day before the party and spilled the beans.  It wasn't accidental either.  She said something to him like "you know what's going on tonight don't you?"  This poor dear is kinda needy and really likes my son.  I think she craves attention something awful.  She's the same girl who tried planting a kiss on his lips in the middle of the gym at a youth activity last week. He turned and took it on the cheek. We're a bit concerned about her.  I can't decide if I should call her out on the surprise ruining or not.  I think she's just a bit mixed up but perhaps she should know that her actions have consequences.  I won't be inviting her to my next surprise party that's for sure.  And my boys have been warned against her swift lips.

In other news Middle Boy is driving me crazy.  I am sure it's a result of all the attention his older brother is getting these days but sheesh!  I can't seem to stop him from irritating everyone.  He needs to get back into a sport that he likes because he has just way too much dead time on his hands.

Big Boy transformed an old remote control car into a car of Altoids.  They are his favorite candy.... so.... why not make them into a car.  It took a whole lot of hot glue but it was worth it.

Big Girl is gearing up for her birthday tomorrow.  She's already put in an order for waffles in bed.  I'll be glad when this week is over.  I may take a week long nap.

Little Girl stubbed her toe tonight and needed a half hour snuggle afterwards.  I guess everyone is a bit frazzled.  No wonder I have been too busy to blog.  I'm ready for a vacation.  "A vacation from my PROBLEMS!"  I love that movie (What About Bob).

Little Boy is cute as ever.  He hates his kitchen job though and I gotta say- it shows.  He is supposed to wipe down the table and put away the food after people finish eating.  You'd think I was asking the impossible.

Recently I went though a bunch of old videos from my early days a mother.  If I could tell that person something right now it would be that I needed to chill.  I saw several things that I wish I could change.  Why is it that we don't have the knowledge we need in this life until we go through stuff.  It's the only way we learn I guess.  I just wish I could put my 43 yr old brain into my 27 yr old head sometimes.  Perhaps as I read over my blog posts in the future I'll think that 43 yr old Kelly didn't have a clue.  No way out of this life but through I guess.  So I'll just keep doing the day to day stuff and hope I learn what I was meant to learn.


Eileen said...

Happy birthday Big Boy!!! It's hard to believe our little frog-obssessed friend is now 18!

Erica said...

Great post Kelly. It is hard to chill, but I agree, we need to (at least I need to). I think you do a good job at that. I always feel so calm and relaxed around you! Thank you! Sorry we missed the party. My red head goes to sleep rather early :(. Glad to hear it was still fun.

Allie said...


This is going to be so weird...I kinda hate the sneeking at blog stuff...but when I saw that you commented on Emily's blog I had to click on yours and check out your family. You probably don't even remember us (Baldwin's from Iowa City) but just the other day my twins reminded me of the time you did the Hitler salute during singing time for the Birthday song and we all had a good laugh on that little walk down memory lane!

Anyway-your children are beautiful and I can't even believe you have one ready for college!

It was good to "sneak" in on you!


Kelly said...

Thanks for the reminder of my silly actions during my short stint as the music leader in that ward. I had so much fun there. And I do remember you from our book club. You recommended that Russian Kitchen Boy book that will be forever burned in my brain, and I will never think about Rasputin the same way again. Hope all is well with the Baldwins!

Bob and Julie said...

Happy Birthday Big Boy!! (At least he can be surprised that I said Happy Birthday to him -teehee)

Oh my goodness...that's first photo is stinkin funny!! I'm glad the party was a success. I'm sorry about the girl though. At least she has good taste in young men.