April 04, 2007

Princess and the marble

Something kinda funny happened today. I changed and fed the baby and seemed to have taken care of all of her needs but she was still fussy. I almost gave her some Tylenol because she was so bad. She has had a cold and seems to be congested still, so I figured she maybe wasn't feeling too hot. Something told me to hold off though. Sadly it was one of those times when I just had to let her cry for a bit while I got my hair dry in time to leave for Gymnastics class. A had been around her on and off. So she screamed in the car on the way until she passed out asleep. Some 2 hours later after running errands we were at the playground and I decided to nurse her. I picked her up and found a marble under her chin, lost in the folds of fat! I felt awful. That little stinker A must have been the culprit. At least she didn't stick it in her mouth! She still will not admit to the act, but really who else could it be? I can only imagine what she must have been going through with that uncomfortable marble stuck in her neck folds. Glad I found it and solved the problem!

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Mel said...

That reminds me of when Will was tiny and spent an afternoon fussing and crying like that. I finally found the problem when I took off his sock and discovered his pinky toe had been bent back on itself all that time. I felt like such a horrible mom.