June 14, 2008


So in case you were wondering.... we are not flooded yet. Nor do I think we will be in trouble since there is a freeway and ravine in between us and the river. Cedar Rapids Iowa has been severely hit in the last 24 hours though. They are just 30 minutes north of us, and over 100 blocks in the down town area are now under water. The Iowa river (closer to us) is dangerous and several areas of Iowa City have been evacuated. The Coralville resevoir has spilled over and levies have broken... T and the boys went to help sand bag on Sunday. Those houses are halfway under water probably by now. That was riverfront property. They probably bought them time to get belongings out of the houses. It's so sad, and the storms just keep coming. Luckily there is sunshine today though. I had to take Baby Girl in for an ear-check today and decided to go downtown to see if I could check on my kids art that I was having framed. I remember talking to the guy about his location and if he thought it would be a problem. He seemed pretty confident at the time, but I couldn't get near his store today cause the road was closed off. Poor guy. I also had the chance to see the river and cross over it (2 times) since I could not turn onto riverside drive. It was a bit nerve racking since I had heard rumors that they would close the bridge at noon and I looked down at the clock in my car at 11:57 as I was approaching the bridge on my way back. I made it, and heard later that they didn't close the bridge after all. I took a picture with my camera and will try to post it later. Then it put me in a frame of mind where I started to charge my cell phone and I went to the ATM to get cash to have on hand. My tank is full and we have plenty of water. Feels good to be prepared. Feels awful to see your fellow citizens in peril.

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Julie said...

Thanks for letting us know. We have been worried about you guys. The news of the scout troop was so sad. I'm glad you guys are ok!!!