June 22, 2008


So for father's day one of T's 'gifts' was a nice pair of shears for cutting hair. I used to cut his and the boy's hair all the time and got quite good at it (although there were some pretty bad early haircuts too as I recall). Since we can afford it now, I usually send the kids to a salon in the mall and we traditionally go get salted pretzel bites as a treat afterwards. Troy manages to find a barber somewhere to do his hair, but always complains that they don't do it the way I do (which apparently he prefers). Maybe it's the cost-savings he prefers. He's thrifty! So that's why I replaced the shears with a new nicer pair with the idea that from now on I would cut his hair the way he likes it. The old pair we had was getting pretty horrible- barely even cutting the hair anymore due to dullness.

So last night we put the new shears to the test and they work great. The dramatic part was when I cut Big Boy's hair. He has a big aversion to haircuts lately (teenagers). I don't mind it being a bit long over the ears and in back, but he has so much thick curly hair that keeping it well groomed is a bit of a problem. I noticed a new problem last night. I don't really know how to cut longish hair and keep the longness in tact. I don't know how to trim. I thought by using the clippers on a long setting and trying that first would be a good move. Not so good. I ended up having to even it out by going shorter than planned. Oh the drama that followed! He held it together in front of me complaining mildly (for him), but then he went downstairs and came unglued! Poor Big Boy. Middle Boy had a fun time being the 'good natured' one not minding his too-short haircut. He was rather wicked in his not botheredness. T didn't complain about his haircut at all...


Julie said...

Somehow you've got to sneed a picture and post it! I'm sure he looks Amazingly handsome!! Bob is the same way with wanting me to cut his hair. He has the WORST hair to cut though and I never ever do it without it sticking up on this one side. One day he tried to explain why he would just rather have me cut it...but, he did more damage than good. Here, I'll let you judge too...here's what he said, "Why should I PAY money for a bad haircut?"....hmmmmm
He just reaffirmed that I do a bad hair cut....don't you think? Hee-hee

Eileen said...


When I got new clippers, I went to cut Adam's hair and on my first swipe, something went terribly wrong and the thing (despite the big "guard") actually grabbed his hair and cut it off near the scalp! Adam was horrified and hasn't asked me to cut his hair since. I can't say that I'm disappointed!

Eileen said...

Oh, and I meant to also say that I Love the new house! It looks so stately and the yard looks so fun. I'm sure you'll enjoy it. Best of luck with the move!