July 03, 2008

Winding down ramble...

Well, our time in Iowa is winding down. Our movers are coming on the 7th, 8th and 9th. We officially are now closing in on the 2nd, so it's time to start eating all the frozen goods in the freezer (I had my share of frozen mint chocolate chips today- too lazy to bake cookies with them and it was also way too humid today). Speaking of humidity- there was a tornado warning in the area today. That's what a sudden surge of humid air will do, combined with other things I am sure. We heard the sirens and went to the basement without much enthusiasm. It's hard to get too worked up anymore. Natural disasters seem to be common place around these parts. I still haven't posted photos of the flood-sorry. As the water recedes and the roads open up to traffic you can see the damage caused by the flooding to places you used to go. I can see the faces in my mind of people who work at these places and it breaks my heart. I was tearing up today trying to take pictures while driving when I came back from the Amana Colonies.

On a totally different subject, the real estate company called and wanted to do a showing today. It's the 3rd in 4 days. Today I had other plans frankly. Trying to get ready for our move causes all kinds of chaos in the house that doesn't gel well with having strangers come through and peek at my house while I am away. It also doesn't do much for my overall mood towards my mess-making children. Especially when they do silly things like bring in greenery from outside and just randomly rip it up all over the place in the stairway going downstairs. Can you guess that it was the same child who ripped up his popsicle stick and left it on my bedroom end table? When I made him go throw it away, he decided the bathroom sink was the appropriate spot. "Calgon-take me away!"

Another son did finish his basket for a merit badge in 'basketry' which makes perfect sense. I was proud. It's the small things that can turn you around on a day like today.



Melinda said...

Oh, I hate moving. And I haven't done it nearly as often as you. Good luck! And, please don't eat your children.

Kelly said...

I'll try to resist the urge