September 05, 2008

Troy's birthday- gone wrong

Well Troy turned 39 this week. I can't believe how old we are getting! We had planned to take labor day weekend and go visit some friends in Pennsylvania. However on Friday afternoon I started feeling poorly. It turned into the stomach flu which lasted all weekend long and I still don't have a good appetite yet. So instead of nicely wrapped presents and a card signed by the kids and I, with Troy's favorite meal and a home-made carrot cake. We had target-bag wrapped presents, (*one coupon for a present I didn't get a chance to buy drawn up by Evan), no card and Troy cooked his own meal and bought a 6.00 awful carrot cake from the grocery store. Plus he got to empty my throw-up bowl and wash linens. Nice! Good thing he's not as spoiled as I am and he didn't even resent it a bit. Or if he did he didn't show it. What a wonderful man. Who knows when we will make it to our friend's home now. Hopefully sooner rather than later.

On another subject I am so proud of the way my kids study habits have been starting off a new year- wanting to do well. They have this online way to check your kids progress and I know it's only the first week, but they are acing everything. I was a bit nervous because I put them in all honors classes to make sure they get the better teachers and put with the smarter kids who won't be as likely to be trouble makers, etc. Too bad that they don't give out "my kid's an honor roll student" bumper stickers on the first week. I always resent those people just a bit. Braggers! Yet here I am bragging now. But that's different, it's on my blog where hopefully people reading have an interest, not like on your car where people have no choice but to see you are bragging. I would probably also feel differently if I had straight A students (which unfortunately I don't- except this week!). I would want my kids to know how proud I was by defacing the van with a bumper sticker... nah, probably not-we'd just celebrate privately at home with the opening of new cell phones for the kids. I saw a bumper sticker at church that said "I love my kid even if he's not on the honor roll" and it made me laugh out loud.

Well, sorry to my friends who have those stickers on your cars. It's just the bitterness in me lashing out at you : )


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Eileen said...

I agree on the bumper sticker thing. Lyle's sister and her husband have 8 kids and the three oldest were all valedictorians with the other 5 probably well on their way. Anyway, their van is plastered with the honor's student stickers. I just look at it and think, O.K., we get the idea already! Wouldn't 1 have been sufficient? But no, I swear it's like 15.

I hope no one from Lyle's family reads this blog. I'm confessing only to you how much that bugs me!