September 09, 2008


So I was standing there minding my own business, blowing kisses at Big Girl, hoping she would not cry while waiting for the school bell to ring. (She's been in melt-down mode lately. I tell her there is a switch she can turn on or off on her back that turns off her tears. People must wonder what in the world we are doing when we are reaching onto our backs and flipping that switch off so there will be no more crying while sitting cross-legged with the morning sun in your eyes in that wait line). But I digress.... I'm doing my thing- signing 'I love you', flipping my switch and blowing kisses, when the ladies next to me notice that Baby Girl has beautiful curly hair that needs admiring. I thank them and the one lady who was more quiet says "You know there's a good chance it will turn out straight. My daughter's hair was curly until she turned 3 and now look how straight it is." She points out her daughter to me. I say as politely as I can. "Well just look at that cute little girl doing the I love you sign and scratching her back over there- she's my daughter and clearly she still has curly hair." Next we discover that we both have freshman attending the same high school. She asks if my son takes the bus in the morning and I say no and explain early morning seminary to her. She seemed impressed that I was able to get a teenager to wake up for a scripture class. But she found a way to bother me when she asked about the carpooling situation there. I told her that for now the parents are driving, but that soon a senior will be getting his license and will be driving them. She was not shy as she told me what a mistake I was making by letting that happen. "I don't care how responsible the teenager is, they are not experienced enough to be driving people at that age." she said. She also told me that she didn't let her teen drive until she was 18yrs old. Then I found out another tid bit of information and it all seemed to make perfect sense to me. This was her first year putting her youngest in public school- up until now she had been homeschooling. Nothing against those who do it well, but some of those homeschool parents are pretty odd ducks with straight haired non driving kids.

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Melinda said...

I hear ya, sister! Some women say the darnedest things!