January 11, 2011

Nothing More Than Feelings

A feverish child needing medication and hugging in the night makes me feel needed and worried.

A sick child who can't make it to the potty (darn those footsie PJs!) in time at 2:00 am makes me feel tired.

A new storm coming our way tonight makes me feel excited.   It also makes me want to get more milk and Motrin.

A sassy teenager makes me feel angry and sad.

Hearing my sons play church hymns together makes me feel proud.

Hearing those same sons argue over who is messing up makes me feel like a parental failure.

Seeing my Little Boy's feelings get hurt by his brother makes me cry inside for him.

Talking to my friend on the phone for a long time makes me feel validated.

Cleaning the house angry makes me feel productive.

Reading updates on Facebook  for too long, makes me feel like a bit of a loser.

Wondering what is for dinner makes me feel stressed.

Having my husband hug me after arriving home from work makes me feel relieved.

Not being invited to a wedding in Utah makes me feel hurt.  

Talking it over with another uninvited sister makes me feel better.


Eileen said...

You can call me too and feel validated. I wasn't invited to the wedding in Utah either! Surprising, since we're so close and all! Just think of the money you'll save on a wedding present.

M-Cat said...

Crap about the Utah thing - if for no other reason than we could have met up!! I would totally validate you!

Kelly said...

Great News! I am officially invited to the wedding. As of 3 hrs ago. It might be standing room only, it might not happen since it will cost me 700.00 but at least I am invited.

After all the groom is my father!

Camrin said...

This is just crazy in my opinion. Wait did anyone ask me!?! I guess I just have to laugh it off cause I wasn't invited either. Who am I kidding.
I'm so glad the invites got worked out. :)

Marie Loveless said...

I understand.