April 06, 2011


You know when you have the urge to write.  You have a brilliant idea even.  But something gets in the way of you and your computer connecting?  Then when you finally get to the computer, the idea is suddenly lost because you get distracted by all the 'shiny things' to look at on the Internet.  That happened to me this morning.  I totally had something to say and now when I try and retrieve it, I just hear crickets chirping.  Oh well.  If it was important enough I am sure it will hit me like a boomerang later.  Probably while I'm driving to buy granola bars today.

So until my brain starts working I have some random facts from my week.....

Last night Big Boy found a piece of school paperwork from back when he was in middle school.  His handwriting was so bad that he shocked himself and came to me all worried about (his words) his "first grader's" handwriting.  He was visibly miffed when Big Girl snickered at his comment.  He then asked why I never sat him down and explained the importance of doing well in school at that age.  I was at a loss for words I'm afraid.

Middle Boy has made the JV lacrosse team.  It's not for the weak of heart -that sport.  His legs look like someone is beating him daily with a stick and that is because someone has been beating him daily with a stick.  During last night's game he got "sandwiched" between two big guys while he had the ball.  We were icing him down at dinner and I must admit it made me want to pull him out.  If he hadn't worked so hard for this I just might do it too.  As it is, I want to have a stern talk with some players from Bethesda Chevy Chase high school....

Little Boy- I got nothing.  Is that typical middle child syndrome evidence or what?

Big Girl gave the sweetest lesson in Family Home Evening last night.  It was about Joseph Smith's First Vision and she held out her pictures for us to see in a wide back and forth arch.  Then there was even a little pop quiz at the end.  As much as the boys wanted to roll their eyes at her they couldn't control the competitive side in them and had to shout out the answers.  It just may have been the most spiritual FHE we've had in a while.  Maybe it was the blackberry milkshakes.  We go to Palmyra NY to visit the sacred grove in two weeks.  I can't wait!  Any ideas on how to keep the kids interested while visiting church history sites I will gladly take btw.

Little Girl is taking dance class and does the "tummy tango" better than any of the others (well almost).  Much better than sitting in a self imposed time out with her legs up on the wall/mirror and her back to the class.  That is what she had been doing for the first 3 classes.  She spontaneously started singing "catch a falling star and put it in your pocket save it for a rainy day" on our way to a friend's house today.  It was raining outside.  I changed up the words a bit and sang "catch a falling (Little Girl's name)____ put her in your pocket, save her for a rainy day."  She was highly offended!  I guess that does seem a bit abusive.  I meant no harm really.

Well I am off to buy 3 ring binders for scout projects.  Wish me luck!



CSIowa said...

Binders? What happened to the granola bars?

Kelly said...

It's funny you should mention that Candace. I started this post in the morning, and then went to the store before finishing. By the time I finished up the post I had completely forgotten them....My brain has stopped working I think.

noyb said...

i hate getting distracted by the shiny things. happens to me all the time.

M-Cat said...

Shiny things and squirrels distract me everytime. ESPECIALLY when they are shiny squireels.

Lacrosse is MOST def not for the weak of heart. Good for you on letting him play and good for him on learning on how to take the hits. I think it will serve him well later in life.