July 27, 2011

The Frosting

Well I'm home from Utah.  My oldest son and I took a 4 day trip to my home state to check out colleges for him.  He would like to attend BYU but if he can't get in (it's very competitive) then he will look elsewhere.  The other two colleges we toured were University of Utah and also Utah State University.  They each had their own flavor and it was funny to see how we felt after each tour.  They are pretty sly about putting the most outgoing attractive students to head up their tours.  U of U had more ethnically diverse guides who were edgy and cool.  BYU's tour guide was a typical clean cut returned missionary with a sense of humor and a way of working in a spiritual thought with every other stop.  But I think they pulled out all the stops with the cute peppy blond tour guide at Utah State.  Yes she was married (at 22), but she seemed to be the whisper of promise about the kind of girl Big Boy would like to date at Utah State.  Pretty sneaky USU.

We also attended a wedding for my sister.  It's a third marriage for her and it was very simple and sweet.  It was held in the church's cultural hall.  The ceremony was nice.  Before the ceremony she had a close friend give a short speech which begs to be blogged about....  Perhaps I shouldn't, but I just cannot resist.  Here goes.  Her friend told us all that this analogy had come to her the night before.  She told us that marriage was like a cake.  That there were many ingredients in a cake that make it good.  Then she went down the list of cake ingredients and made comparisons.  The eggs, for instance are the two living things in a cake and so the two eggs represented the bride and groom.  The vanilla and salt represented the spice in a cake and thus the spice in your marriage which, she said, meant the dating that needed to continue even after the wedding day.  The baking soda represented the ingredient that makes everything rise and so it was compared to prayer and scripture study which you should do as a married couple.  (I thought that one was good).  I must have zoned out during the flour part but it represented something I can't remember.  I was wide awake however when she mentioned the last ingredient, the frosting on your cake.  The best sweetest part of marriage.  The frosting was compared to the intimacy in your marriage.  She went on to explain that the frosting doesn't always turn out right the first time you try and frost the cake.... but with practice you can frost your cake with perfection.  Even my perfect brother Eric was snickering along with me on that line.  You know, it was really sound advice but the setting was perhaps not the best for such a speech.

And the jokes about frosting just kept coming all evening long.  They served cake after the wedding, and my 17 yr old son said that he probably ought to take a piece that didn't have too much frosting since he wasn't married yet.  I told him I wanted a corner piece.  We went over by some relatives and commented on how good the frosting was.  That someone must have really practiced a lot before decorating that cake.  So smooth...  so white... okay I have gone too far, I realize this.  I need help!  But even my 82 yr old father said rather loudly after they kissed as man and wife "They need to practice that."  Perhaps the apple doesn't fall far from the tree....


kati said...

Hey an analogy like that deserves to be shared... quoted... practised? ok just kidding but really its funny!

Tom said...

I hope you enjoy your time visiting the promised land or "Mordor", depending on who you listen to. That is a very funny cake story.

Where did you get the time machine that lets you have a post dated with tomorrow's date?

Kelly said...

I consider Utah to be a bit of both the promise land and Mordor.

I got my time machine at 'Time Machine's R us' out here in Maryland. They have the best shopping : )

Actually I think it's a time zone thing. You are so observant though aren't you?

Shana said...

You are in the same time zone I am in and it is stil July 26th here.

I think the cake story is great!!

(We walk the dog a lot because since my boyfriend works days and I work nights-- someone is always home! And since she is so cute, she gets lots of walks!!)

wendy said...

Super funny, kelly!! Sure miss ya :)

Eileen said...

Oh my. That frosting thing is hilarious. You had Lyle laughing.

Isn't U of U and USU way expensive with the out of state thing? We're encouraging BYU-ID, but we'll see.

Kalei's Best Friend said...

hey, kelly- from Jason's post... love those sweets you created there!.

Katria said...

I'm gonna have to remember the frosting thing. I've got some friends getting married this summer, and even though I won't be able to be there (something about living 10,000 miles away), I'm sure they'd appreciate the analogy through email, too.

Teachinfourth said...

Interesting that you were so close and we didn't meet...if you do bring the mancub down for school, shoot me a line.

Lunch should be in order.

Granted, I'm not a cupcake with frosting, but I think I'm pretty cool nonetheless.

Kelly said...

We will have to lunch next time I am in town. We'll see where the Mancub gets into school.

Kalei's BF:
I didn't make those goodies I just wrote about frosting and found the picture to go with it. I do that a lot. Is that wrong? I am sure if you read my post you wouldn't have commented about the treat : ) Caught ya!

Mindee@ourfrontdoor said...

College trips . . . ack! That's in my near future and I can't face it yet.

Awesome speech. Every wedding should have such a great story.

(stopping by from teachinfourth's magic school bus)