August 16, 2011

Love Loss and Success...

Today in the grocery store as I stood in the check out line my eyes did what they always tend to do... they scanned all the scandalous headlines on the smutty magazine covers.  Hypocritically, I wouldn't be caught dead with one of these magazines in my home, but I feel quite up to date on who is divorcing or cheating or sporting a new baby bump after my weekly wait in the line at Giant Foods.  Today one caught my eye with a typical headline about an interview within the magazine's pages from the smokey eyed actress from Glee, Dianna Agron.  The actress who plays Quinn Fabray talks about love, loss and success or so it says on the cover right above 'what my va jay jay is dying to tell me.'  So Cosmopolitan.

I don't mean to seem condescending here.  I don't know everything about love loss and success but I am willing to bet that after 42 years of living my life (and nearly 20 years married) I bet I know more about these subjects than little miss Dianna.  So I had to do a bit of an eye-roll at this headline.  Now that I sit down to blog I ask myself what do I know?  And why isn't cosmopolitan knocking down my door to ask me?  Probably because I am not on a popular trend setting sit-com.  I am just a housewife with 5 kids and a busy husband.  But here is what I have learned so far about L L and S.  (that's Love Loss and Success...)

LOVE:  Love is never having to say you're sorry.  Love is about forgiveness as well.  Love is commitment.  Love is sharing the last piece of peanut butter pie.  Love is going through a deployment and not only staying faithful but growing closer.  Love is about putting yourself 2nd.  Love is about setting a budget, and trying to stick to it, but sometimes not.  Love is seeing the best in your partner and trying to be better because of them.  Love is accepting someone even after the baby bump doesn't ever completely disappear.

LOSS:  I have learned the most in my life because of what I have lost.  You never know how much you have unless you lose sometimes.  The big thing you learn from loss is from what happens after you fall.  Do you get back up?  Do you give up?  Who do you blame?  All important things yes?

SUCCESS:  What do I know about success?  Not much.  As my husband's grandparents used to say... "when we were married we had nothing, and we still got it!" I guess it all depends on what someone means by success.  Material success?  Success with your family? Successful baking?  Fame?  I'm still working on all these things.  With the exception of fame.  Who wants to be famous?  I'll settle for a famous blog with nearly 40 followers.  Maybe I should consider getting a Dianne Agron "Shab".  It's the hottest haircut this summer so 'they' say.


Cherie said...

Sometimes when I look at all the "pretty people" on those magazine covers who are fabulously wealthy I tend to feel sorry for them. They do not lead a life - it is not real. Values our askew and even the most beautiful have cheating men, or the most successful lose their looks. Do they really know who they are?
I would not change places for all the money in the world.

And sometimes like you said, some young chickie cannot even begin to know the meaning of life, love, loss or success seriously - that is a lifetime journey...for everyone.

Good thoughts.
Isn't it great to be "normal!".

Eileen said...

I'd take your life over what's-her-face's life any day......which I suppose is obvious since I also am a housewife with 5 kids! Oh yeah, and the small fact that no one wants me on the cover a magazine either!

Connie said...

It has always been interesting to me how the world takes what a famous person says and thinks that's the final word! Even though someone knows how to act/sing/write/model doesn't mean they have all the answers.
But wouldn't it be fun to be on the cover of a magazine? :)

M-Cat said...

I've had to stop looking. Force myself to turn away an never put the People mag in my cart again.
My self esteem and body issued can't take it. But at least I feel like I dont have something the don't and that is solid first hand knowledge or real life.