May 15, 2012

Blog Tuesday

Today I am starting off the day with reading blogs, and writing a blog post.  I have allowed myself to be too involved in the land of blog before and recently I have been a nice break from the chains that bind me and make me read every blog I follow every time I sit down at the computer.  Moderation is good.  Real good.  But today is Tuesday and I feel like I have less going on on a Tuesday so I am officially making it blog Tuesday.  But as I type I have a request to make a lunch for someone for school, so you can see how well blog Tuesday is going so far.

Last night I had the rare opportunity of going to see a concert at the Kennedy Center.  I took my two sons who play violin to see Iszhak Perlman play.  We got a tip on some student-priced tickets from their violin teacher.  10.00 a ticket!  Can you believe that?  The subway ride down costs more.  I was amazed at that. I told my sons that they should not be wearing tennis shoes and jeans to see Iszhak Perlman at the Kennedy Center.  My older son can hardly be persuaded to do anything for me anymore.  He is so ready to be out on his own, and every day I am feeling those apron strings loosen a bit more and I like that freeing feeling.  I have a feeling that we will become closer when he is out of the nest.  So he left his jeans and tennis shoes on, and Little Boy put on church shoes and a polo shirt. . .  with his jeans.  It was classic.

A funny moment happened after we had taken in the view from the terrace at the Kennedy Center.  There was a large quote by JFK on the side of the building that we noticed while coming back into the hall of nations.  Then we looked left to see the over-sized bust of John F Kennedy.  Big Boy says "there are like JFK things all over this place!"  Then it dawned on him that we were at the "Kennedy" center!  We had a good laugh over that one.  So knowledgeable, yet so naive.

T told me a funny thing when I got home.  He said that they had played charades for family night and that he had to act out the words 'broken arm.'  He was doing his best to relay a painful radius/ulna when my 5yr old excitedly said "CANCER!  you have cancer!" So funny right?  My brother's cancer has been such a hot topic around here for a while now that she blurts out cancer during charades.  By the way, T does have basil cell carcinoma on his nose.  He goes in this month to have it removed.  We hope it won't be too disfiguring.  So she's right- he does have cancer, but not the bad kind.  I've had such bad luck in my family with cancer that I have to admit to some sleepless nights after he told me wondering where else the big 'C' might be lurking inside him.

On that happy note I will go make a pb and j for Big Girl's lunch.  I hope not to add anything carcinogenic...

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Erica said...

I miss you! Visiting Teaching kept us up on life with each other and now.... We need to fix that problem somehow!