May 13, 2012

A Poem for me from Little Boy

       Some Mothers are nice, and some Mothers are scary.
       Some Mothers are smooth, and some Mothers hairy.
       Mothers are there for healing our boo boos
       They cheer when we win win,
       They cry when we lose lose.
       Mothers tell us when to turn off our videos,
       They feed us good food like tacos and burritos
       Every person can mother if they just see a need,
       Any child can learn. Any woman can feed.
       Mother can help when we need her to drive,
       Without our Mothers, we would not be alive.
       My mother plays games like Scrabble and Uno
       She won’t admit to cheating but I know and you know.
       There is hope for our country if we value a Mother
       She is someone special, not like any other.
       When we need help, Mothers lend us a hand,
       Hip hip hooray, all Mothers are grand!


Kelly said...

Ok so I helped him write this a bit. He gave it as a part of his mother's day talk in church : )

Laurel C. said...

Love it!

mCat said...

Oh my gosh, totally cute. Love the part abut cheating. Who me??? LOL